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Feature and Application Industrial Control DB100 Series General-Purpose AC Servo System controlled through pulse and analog quantity signal in maximizing the performance of the products

As the latest Universal AC servo system produced by Invt KINWAY in 2012, DB100 Series is suited for universal industrial control machine. The offered power range is 200W ~ 5.5Kw. It is controlled through pulse and analog quantity signal and enhanced with technology to break continuously in maximizing the performance of the products. All features are aimed to meet the functional requirements of the broad use of industrial machine.

There are two Industrial Control Servo System voltage levels available which each are for different power ranges. The voltage level 220V is for power 200W to 2.3KW. The voltage level 380V is available with power options from 1.0KW to 5.5KW. Based on the voltage level and power range, there are more specific Servo drive and Servo motor as well as rated torque (Nm)/rated speed(rpm).

Industrial Control - Servo System
Industrial Control - Servo System by

The more features of Industrial DB100 Series Servo System will be explained in the sub-point below.

Industrial Control DB100 Series Features

  1. Industrial Control - Servo System Strong overload up to three times:
  2. It is resulted from the immediate torque up to three times overload. This method can work effectively to overcome inertia moment of inertia loads at the moment of starting.

  3. Built-in mechanical resonance:
  4. The built-in mechanical resonance enables suppression function that can effectively suppress the resonance phenomenon of mechanical structure.

  5. High speed for maximum performance only in just 6ms:
  6. With speed response bandwidth more than 650H and the speed is from -3000r/min to 3000r/min they result awesome acceleration time only in just 6ms.

  7. Built-in braking unit and braking resistor:
  8. If you opt for a full range of models, you will get the built-in braking unit and braking resistor.

  9. Low program cost:
  10. 1kw servo drive can be directly 380v power supply to save into line transformer, reduce program costs.

  11. The available automatic gain adjustment function that can be load inertia identification. The debugging is more convenient.

Industrial Control - Servo System Application in Die-Cutting Machine

In die-cutting machine, Industrial Control - Servo System DB100 Series AC servo system is aimed to improve the working efficiency of die-cutting machine (especially in color code tracking and die cutting) and maintaining original precision. Die-cutting machine is commonly used for indenting, die cutting, laminating, gold stamping and waste discharging. Due to that, die-cutting is essential for the packaging and shaping of non-metal material and non-setting adhesive, cell phone rubber mat, EVA, double-sided adhesive tape. Principally, it works with combination of cutter, metal mould and steel wire, and applies certain pressure to printing plate as well as to cut printed products into certain shapes.

Why INVT AC Servo System is important for die-cutting industry?

Most of existing Industrial Control - Servo System die-cutting machines use PLC to send pulses and control stepping servo system or ordinary servo system. Both blind zone and window are controlled by PLC. Therefore, the workload for PLC is evidently heavy when the PLC sends out the pulse count for specified window when it detects color code signal.

Considering the following error and problem, the final cutting position is usually distracted from color code signal. To overcome the situation, manufacturer generally decides to improve the PLC program. Then, when it detects color code signal, the RPC signal and pulse count will be sent to clear retention for specified window at the same time so as to raise control precision. However, through the method it is very hard to get the maximum effect using ordinary servo system because of the I/O long response time. In this situation, INVT AC Servo System is very useful to avoid the error and problem in the die-cutting process.


Industrial Control - Servo System DB100 is the multi-purpose AC Servo System that gives accuracy and efficiency on various field industries. The example given above concludes how the machine can overcome error and problem in the most effective way that controlled through pulse and analog quantity signal in maximizing the performance of the products.


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