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Feature and Benefits Industrial Control PLC IVC1 Mini Series to save cost of production, maintain the optimum process, and enhance the all integrated machine within the manufacture

Looking at the size, Industrial control IVC1 mini series is unexpectedly powerful PLC. This is the mini high-performance come in small structure, but powerful functions. The use of PLC IVC1 series is spanning from textile fiber industry, cable industry, food and drinks, packages, plastics and steel, buildings, elevators, printing and other mechanical manufacture industries.

Industrial Control PLC
Industrial Control PLC by www.invt.com

It answers the need of automation control in the field of industry aimed to save cost of production, maintain the optimum process, and enhance the all integrated machine within the manufacture. The built-in microprocessor as well as core computing control system and other are already come standard within the PLC.

Industrial Control IVC1 series mini PLC Features and Benefits

  1. This series has built-in core computing control system, microprocessor, input points, out points, expansion module buses, etc.
  2. The included modules:
  3. The series also come standard with I/O extension module and special module as well as the main module I/O. The main module has the high-speed counting and pulse output channel to achieve precision positioning.
  4. The series also has a wealth of built-in programming resources and 3 standard programming languages and supports debugging monitor through Auto Station programming software.
  5. An effective user program safety protection system is provided.
  6. Small size is the main benefit of the tool and designed for high configurations, fast speed and high-capacity.
  7. It has strong positioning and high-speed processing capability with great communication and powerful programmable software

Industrial Control PLC IVC1 Series Application in Bag-Making Machine

Industrial Control PLC IVC1 Series can be applied in Bag Making Machine. A plastic bag making machine is consist of thermal sealing cutter, servo unit, frequency inverter, traction roller, bearing roller and controller. Technically they are combined as follows: The thermal sealing cutter mounted on the transmission shaft, which is that driven by frequency inverter to move reciprocally upwards and downwards. At a certain speed, the servo unit drives the traction roller and ensures the thermal sealing cutter to send the plastic bag of set length over the cutter. In the end of process, the thermal sealing cutter arrives at bearing roller, seals the plastic bag and cuts it off.

A bag making machine basically has two working ways. One is called as fixed-length operating way; sealing and cutting way of empty bag. This is a non-color mark operating way. Servo system control motor moves as per number of pulses preset by PLC, till the number of pulses is over.

The other is color mark operating way. Through this operating way in bag making cycle phase is works when color mark sealing and cutting is selected. The process of this method is as follows:  Industrial Control PLC will control and preset all the process after the servo motor is started and signal is connected.  When the PLC gets the color mark signals, it stops the servo motor and continues the process of cutting off.


Industrial Control PLC IVC1 series mini PLC offers an undoubted features and methods to many field of industry. It takes the significant role to preset the machine on the given command. Its small structure is another plus of IVC1 series mini PLC. Powerful programmable software, powerful communication, high-configuration is the other benefits by choosing IVC1 mini PLC and enhance the all integrated machine within the manufacture.


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