Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Avantis Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution Review

Avantis EAM is a suite of powerful yet priceless Maintenance Management Software. The Avantis Enterprise Asset Management solutions provide a comprehensive solution in the Maintenance Management, spares and inventory management as well as procurement for users in any size of companies across various fields of industries. It’s been a trusted partner with over 30 years in the industry. What is good Avantis product offers iPad compatibility and give users the chance to choose whether on-premise deployment or web-based will suit properly the requirements of their company. The highly-structured implementation is to facilitate the predictable and repeatable success of projects. Extension modules also available to extends overall functionality and achieve a higher return on investment. The priceless Avantis’s outstanding system solution allows users to collect accurate performance and maintenance information to make informed decisions. Whether the asset is people, processes, or equipment, Avantis EAM is aimed to maximize asset profitability.

Avantis Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution

The Avantis EAM basic capabilities feature robust condition monitoring and management functionalities that allowing users to get the informed decision-making at every level. So, users can increase uptime, improve productivity, extend the life and availability of equipment, utilize resources more efficiently, increase safety, improve procurement processes, as well as increase environmental compliance.

Condition Based Maintenance and Monitoring of Avantis EAM

Through the Avantis Condition Manager software, it can be a perfect solution to collect and analyze the real-time diagnostics from all plant production assets. The method can drive to improve the overall asset performance and manage maintenance actions, engineering as well as operations. The software is aimed to provide the condition based maintenance and monitoring including early failure detection. This method will automatically increase asset availability, reduce costs and avoid the unnecessary downtime and maintenance. It is also good in supporting the continuous improvement by an integrated workflow management capability.

Avantis.DSS Software Solution Key Benefits

The most popular software of Avantis Enterprise Asset Management is the Avantis.DSS. The software has a brilliant way of work as follow: it extracts raw data from multiple data sources, combined it into meaningful measurements, and dish up it in a format that is easy to review, interpret and analyze. This approach was designed on a foundation of long experience in creating software solutions to professionals in the assets management and maintenance industry. For a quick implementation it is come with pre-populated with key performance metrics as well as highly-customizable system.

Avantis Extension Modules

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Avantis EAM provides also the extension modules to enhance the collaboration and performance of the Avantis software. This ability to show paperless approval of documents, make it a more efficient requests to be processed electronically. The Integration Toolkit & Integration Suites Module serving the fundamental for low risk integration leveraging industry standards. The availability of Advanced Scheduling VIP Module can enable scheduling of resources.


Avantis EAM suite of solutions realizes volumes of data into actionable intelligence and provides customers real-time breakthroughs that maximize asset reliability and performance. The availability of the extensions is also required as the core of the Asset Performance Management solution set.


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