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Product Specification and Application of PLC Tools Encoder Simulator and Tester Open Collector in providing general assistance for various projects related with High Speed Counters and Flow Meters

The Encoder Simulator from the famous brand name PLC Tools developed to aid integrators in trouble shooting and application development of projects. It offers High Speed Counters as well as Flow Meters. Similarly to the incremental encoders and flow meters, Encoder Simulator also generates high accuracy square wave signals. The use of an advanced microcontroller allows the Encoder Simulator simulates encoder frequencies up to 10 KHz in both directions. The frequency selection is performed using FREQ pushbutton. The output frequencies can be 10Hz, 100Hz, 1 KHz and 10 KHz selectable when output is OFF.

Encoder Simulator
Encoder Simulator by

You can define the Output Mode through DIR pushbutton to select among three selections including OFF indicated by steady LED, CW indicated by LED blinking once, and CCW indicated by LED blinking twice. Further, if it is necessary you can still use extra +24V and Com terminals to connect Common/Return wires and pull-up resistors.

Encoder Simulator Specification

Power Supply: 24V DC +/- 15% with current consumption maximum 40mA load dependently.

Encoder Signal Output Open Collector Model:
  • Encoder Signals = A B Z
  • Voltage = 5V-30V
  • Output Type = NPN Open Collector
  • Max Output Current: 100mA per channel
  • Frequency A, B = 10Hz, 100 Hz, 1 KHz, 10 KHz
  • Period Z = 2500 pulses A/B
  • Encoder Ouput Isolation = None
  • Accuracy at 25°C = +/- 2%
  • Output Protection = None
Operating Temperature: 10-45°C

Pushbutton information:
  • DIR = Selects Output mode between CW, CCW, OFF

LED Indicator and Encoder Simulator Signals

LED Indicator:
  • LED Solid On = indicates the selected frequency when Output is OFF
  • LED Blinking Once = Indicates CW direction (Output is ON)
  • LED Blinking Twice =Indicates CCW direction (Output is ON)

Encoder Simulator Signals:
Encoder Output Channel A+ = A
Encoder Output Channel B+ = B
Encoder Output Channel Z+ = Z
External P5 Common = Com
External 24V P5 Positive = +24V

Encoder Simulator Application

The Encoder Simulator product has been used for supporting the development in various industries like in oil/gas industry and other. As it is designed with ease use in mind, what you only need to do is only connect the wires then press the DIR button to switch between off, counter clockwise, and clockwise rotation, then press FREQ button to toggle between the desired output frequencies.

Only to remember is the simulator is for illustrative purposes only and not for permanent use in live production systems. The product is only for the general assistance with application development and debugging.


This Encoder Simulator little box unexpectedly has many advantages in providing general assistance for various projects related with High Speed Counters and Flow Meters. The availability of FREQ and DIR pushbutton will give quick options to directly picking the desired Outputs. For applying in the live product system, you will require consulting any decision you made to a qualified professional advisor, or it might give serious impact to your equipment.


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