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Use Wonderware HMI and Supervisory Control Solutions to run the business faster, safer, cheaper and better

Concerning to the plant management, production, engineering, as well as IT staff, Wonderware Human Machine Interface and Supervisory Control solutions has already chosen by many organizations from diverse field of industries. Wonderware is a good product to solve automatic cases and it was part of the Inensys plc. Wonderware emphasizes the simplicity on managing plant operations through ease of use, matchless capabilities, secure integration, unparalleled scalability and standards-based. For many industries the Wonderware software has already help them to run the business faster, safer, cheaper and better.

HMI and Supervisory Control Solutions
HMI and Supervisory Control Solutions by

There are many solutions offered including Alarm Adviser software, Device Integration InTouch Access Anywhere, InTouch Machine Edition, Wonderware System Platform, and Wonderware Toolkits. For a more information of the solutions offered by Wonderware you can visit Schneider Electric website. Though the review, we want to convey a brief introduction of some solutions mentioned.

Wonderware Alarm Adviser Help User to Get the Right Advice and Improve Operator Efficiency

Addressed for right advice and increase operator efficiency, Wonderware Alarm Adviser offers web-based alarm analysis software. With the software operators will be helped to discover nuisance alarms in the middle of process system through interactive visual analysis. Operator can instantly monitor the nuisance through a dashboard to see the alarms, causes and consequences. Then the software is a necessary for who want to analyze quickly the plant upset and optimize system performance.

Connect, Collect, and Control Via Wonderware Device Integration Servers

Wonderware Device Integration offers a single common platform for all connectivity. It emphasizes connectivity simplifies configuration, accelerates implementation, minimizes maintenance, establishes standars, and expands your capabilities. One of best features of this device integration is the availability of the hardware independent. Not like other HMI brands, the hardware independent gives you chance to connect to PLCs or any devices.

InTouch Panel PC for Industrial Computer

InTouch Panel PC is a complete solution for Industrial Computer that meets perfect complement for hardware and software standardization efforts. It comes with pre-installed operating system, drivers and software for easy and quick implementation. It means for the extended efficiency, give users a world-class hardware and software. In addition to the small footprint “Wonderware  InTouch”, the Panel PC Industrial Computer offers a complete solution of Human Machine Interface software as well as supervisory visualization solutions.

On extending the InTouch supervisory visualization solutions, the Wonderware System Platform is available to improve scalability, services and redundancy for a solid and robust operating system. Then, for further programming necessity, Wonderware Toolkits give a bridge to extend the Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware System Platform applications to the higher scale of capabilities to meet specific system integration needs.


For the HMI and control system solutions, Wonderware offers a set of software that answers to the current of plants management, production, engineering and IT needs. All the technology is already used by various industries around the globe. All software technology has already simplified to ease use for any scale of plants and industries.


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