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Deeply Understanding Product Specification of Analog Simulator and Generator with LCD – Loop Simulator Pro integrators in analog input testing, application development, and troubleshooting

The Loop Simulator Pro is used to simulate the common Analog Simulator devices in the course of assistance maintenance personnel as well as integrators in analog input testing, application development, and troubleshooting. It can works on 0-10VDC signal without an external power supply or a 4 wire 4-20mA current source without an external power supply. Loop Simulator Professional comes with ease of mind operations, to use for stimulating is easy in 1 mA/V increments by just clicking the up and down buttons. So, you can be calibrated to the each point individually to match your needs.

Analog Simulator
Analog Simulator by

Analog Loop Simulator Professional Specifications


The Analog Loop Simulator Pro can be used for simulating the following actions of simulators:
  • 4-20 mA 2-Wire Device
  • 4-20 mA Current Source
  • 0-10 V Voltage Source

Power Supply:

Depend on you case, the Loop Simulator Pro take benefits from two source of power supply. For the external loop power considerations, the 2-Wire Current circuit will require the external loop power supply 24V DC. However, generally, several sourcing Analog Input modules can provide loop power as well. In this case you can follow the Analog Input Module specification to make sure a power supply selection.

On the contrary, in the Current Source mode, the Loop Simulator will automatically provide loop power and voltage signal source from internal batteries. The batteries included are the 2 AA Alkaline or the rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.

Voltage Output:

  • Output Range 4mA to 20mA 
  • Output Accuracy ±1% of full scale
  • Fixed Steps of 0.1mA or 1mA increments 
  • Load Range 0-500 Ohm 

Current Output:

  • Minimum Load 20kOhm
  • Output Range 0V to 10V 
  • Output Accuracy ±1% of full scale
  • Fixed Steps 0f 0.1V or 1V increments 


To assure the use safety, Loop Simulator Pro comes with high-standard protections including:
  • Excessive Loop Voltage
  • Open Wire, Over-current
  • Reverse polarity

Factory Reset Feature

Because of the possibility of the user errors, the product has equipped with factory reset feature. With this feature, you are possible to make the device work properly again after resetting. To reset the Loop Simulator Professional is easy. You can follow these steps:
  • Turn-Off the device
  • Press and hold the OK key.
  • Press and release Cancel key
  • Hold OK during countdown
  • Release OK when prompted

Device Options

The device options are including:
  • Adjustable Sleep timer with Disable Option
  • Resolution Step selection
  • Adjustable Screen Brightness
  • Adjustable Screen Dim timer


The Analog Loop Simulator Professional is a beneficial tool for analog input tester. It comes with various options and features enhancing your projects by giving maintenance assistance, integrators in analog input testing, application development and troubleshooting. All the mentioned features and specifications are addressed for whom looking for a smart tool that capable to reduce their hard efforts as well as to save amount of unnecessary budgeting on maintenance, troubleshooting and application development.

Last thing to remember, as explicitly mentioned on the title, the device is not for permanent use in live production systems. It is intended only to provide general assistance with current loop and analog input debugging.


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