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Simple, Faster, Easier Operating PLC HMI with Android MIStudio HMI

Android MIStudio HMI expected to be solution to solve tired and bored with common and conventional ways of HMI PLC. This is kindly known as the cliche problem to the industrial IT or Mechanical Support who belonging their time days and week a whole of their life operating the Industrial PLC’s systems. Commonly known that the PLC systems has HMI LED Touch Screen that need to spent more time stand in front of that HMI Touch Screen to programing and input couple data to make all of the Industries Mechanical and Production system being well operated.

But that era has gone, the development of IT’s support already bring a better way to operate, programing and controlling the HMI PLC’s Engginering Systems without the presented of HMI PLC Programer. Thanks to the developer of Android Smartphone Operating System, which is create an open resource smartphone OS that can be deploy more with further apps.

Android MIStudio HMI
Android MIStudio HMI by

Further more the specific Android MIStudio HMI was developed and present to answer the challenge and Industrial intention in case of controlling the HMI interface by the web based system. One of application developer who been providing the solution was the MIStudio and ErgoTech virtual instrumentation. Here in this article we would go further more with the apps.

The Overview and Acknoledgement of Android MIStudio HMI

The virtual instrumentation has been providing by  and ErgoTech in a wide range of industries within decades.  MIStudio with Android MIStudio HMI product lets you easily build web-based with kind of data library for more than 300 components Automation Solution in field of manufacturing and factory.  it means that the can MIStudio can help you to build stand-alone Apps for the Applets and Android. And also the server can process all in a whole of the week and days daily. It was the best way in the service providing solutions for the client of course.

By that reason MIStudio and ErgoTech virtual instrumentation could be the best partner to build an easy way, reliable, simple and faster Android MIStudio HMI visual instrumentation which can be the partner and solution through the Android Platform Smartphone.

Android MIStudio HMI Technical and Version Requirements

There are three version of MIStudio Android Platform PLC HMI visual instrumentation that can choose depend on the ability and capacity of your Android hardware capabilities. But as the part of the service ErgoTech can also provide you with kindly best offered for you to completed your costumer statisfaction. Here are the version product of the MI Studio Andriod HMI.

  1. MIStudio HMI
  2. This apps version can supported, 2PLC Connections and 1Trend Charts.  Otherwise it can not supported Data Manipulators, with other limitation Scriptingand noDatabase Loggingaslso Alarming Systems. This version was operated with PLC Drivers Included S7, Modbus, or FINS (each product includes one driver).

  3. MIStudio
  4. Supported 10 PLC Connections, 2 Trend Charts, data manipulators and scripting function, and so with database logging. Although this version still have no support range in alaraming systems function, this version has diagram window for advanced used within the logic design models, database logging, spc, scripting, and diagram window manipulators as the extra features.

  5. MIStudio Pro
  6. Different than both of Android MIStudio HMI visual instrumentation, this version can support wide function such as; unlimited PLC Connections, trend charts, data manipulator, scripting,  database logging, and alarming function. And as the extra features this version also includes one year of technical support.

Using the Android MIStudio HMI  from MIStudio was very simple and easy, it just the best way within the PLC’s HMI interface that we can operate everywhere and every time.


The Android MIStudio HMI was a better way to provides a very practical way to produce elegant and informative views of your system. Otherwise, this was greater and easier idea with in HMI PLC programing and controlling that can make the way of HMI PLC Controlling way much better than before.


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