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Easy and Integrated PLC Motion Controller System with GEL 823XSeries

Many industries commonly known operated they bussiness process within the tough and rough environtment, one of kind industries was the energy based industries which used the wind turbin to produce the electrical energy supply. It was commonly known that the energy producers core industries has to control mechanical systems and operating within hard and rough environment.

Due to that fact, the energy producer core industries has to completed they working system with tough and durable engine supported as same as the hardware for they working systems. One of the specific device that needed by the energy producer core industries was the motion controller.

Motion controller was kind of device with compact controller such as, CPU, LC display, key board, integrated PLC, fieldbus systems andmulti axis control. By that issued several company was create the motion controller for the industrial intention and kindness. One of the world class named was the Lenord+Bauer co, which totally focusing they companies and corporate strategies to create, invent and developed the industrial motion automation.

Motion Controller
Motion Controller by

One of Lenord+Bauer co best motion controller product was called with GEL 823Xseries, that separately had at least three version and types of the motion controller device. Here in this article we would go further more with the GEL 823Xseries  from Lenord+Bauer co

Several Types, With The Single Vision Of Tough And Robust Motion Controller

GEL 823X series from Lenord+Bauer co was producing with severals types of hig quality motion controller. But there are three of popular and famous model which are recognized and popular to used by the industries. The series was called with GEL 8230, GEL 8231, GEL 8232.

Every GEL 823Xseries has produce with tight and high standard of quality controll, it was with single vision to create best idea of automation systems solution with the special standarized in motion controller product. To dare and answer the industrial intention challenge, Lenord+Bauer co was completed every  GEL 823Xseries with common features and specification such as; 1 Mbyte RAM,8 kByte NVRAM, total1 Mbyte Flash, and 256 kByte free memory space.

In field of application aspect, GEL 823Xseries  was completed with onshore, nearshore, offshore, wind energy producing to operated in harsh and rough environment aspect. As the popular motion controller product,  Lenord+Bauer co  dont want to play with the quality of GEL 823Xseries.

It was totally designing for the kindness. And so it was come and designing to come with several product advantages such as; robust controller for up to 6 axes which not affected by shock and vibrations, the Extended temperature range from -20 °C to +70 °C, can operated and open to all standard fieldbus systems model, with high noise immunity due to isolated material that made from galvanical steel also with digitial and analogue inputs and outputs, and short projecting times due to ready-made functional blocks and pre-configured inputs and outputs.

That aspect was come as common feature that build in every single GEL 823Xseries, and moreover it was kindly known as the Lenord+Bauer cointention and vision to produce the high quality automation solution device.


GEL 823Xseries was kindly recognized as motion controller device producing by Lenord+Bauer co. It was populary known as high quality motion controller series which choose and use commonly by energy producing core industries that operated in harsh, and rough environment.


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