Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Take Emerson DeltaV M-series DCS System Hardware to meet the efficiency on the automation projects

To meet the efficiency on the automation projects, DCS System Hardware M-series is concerning for best-in class Traditional I/O and Bus Card designs. Its compact design is another plus aimed to save space for common industries.  The availability of a wide rang of I/O and Bus Cards make it one of the most flexible Distributed Control System (DCS) in nowadays market. M-series hardware is for flexible I/O installation. The major keys to the M-series are including plug-and-play capabilities, protection keys, and modularity that they make DeltaV M-series is among the best and smart choice.

DCS System M-series hardware is made to support a range of discrete, analog, thermocouple and RTD inputs to the existing field devices. It is also build rugged to possibly mount anywhere needed even in the hazardous environments and areas with extreme temperatures. This condition make M-series is the best partner for any automation projects. All the innovations, and best-in-class functionality, make it standout among other major DCS system hardware.

DCS System Hardware
DCS System Hardware by www2.emersonprocess.com

DCS System Hardware M-series also comes with easy of installation with no-value engineering is eliminated. Users can add system components including workstations, field devices, controllers or I/O at the same time while the system is running. This option make you can easily upgrade and expand your system without taking risk of system down.

Complete Features and Benefits of DeltaV M-series DCS System Hardware

Economically Value for Automation Project

To meet the low-budget purpose, DCS System Hardware M-series without lack of quality, still offering best-in-class design of Bus Card and Traditional I/O. The rugged design makes you possible to mount it anywhere and hazardous areas. You can put it in the Class1, Zone 2 Group A, B, C, D or Division 2 hazardous environments. M-series Hardware Components is suitable for Operating Temperature range from 40°C to +70°C, which means it is suitable for temperature extremes.

Especially for the DeltaV™ M-series Zone 2 Remote I/O scanners offered for communication and control between the field devices and the other nodes on the control network. On managing the control strategies and system configurations can be accessed though the DeltaV system’s powerful controllers with I/O reposing either local to the controller, or on a remote I/O scanner.

Compact Design to Save Space

To save space the M-series hardware compact design makes you possible to mount in one of two different carrier systems. You can mount it in the Horizontal Carrier system or Vertical Plus Carrier System. It can be mounted even with 800mm wide Cabinets as the I/O Cards can be mounted in 45 degree angle. It is surely will minimize the space for cable ducts.

Features Flexibility

The availability of wide range of Traditional I/O and Bus Cards as well as IS I/O Cards, make the M-series hardware is easy to connect to any kind of Process Automation Industry bus cable or signal directly.


DCS System Hardware DeltaV M-series is a smart choice for eliminating no-value engineering with easy way of modifying your system. M-series DCS system hardware has a compact design, aimed to fix on both horizontal and vertical carrier systems and to save space. All the features are meet the economically value as part of the most efficient strategy to maximize the process needs.


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