Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DeltaV S-series DCS System Hardware Review

With the DeltaV S-series, Emerson Process Management enhances the proven technology used in the M-series controller. S-series equipped with the additional I/O on Demand functionality with “ho-swappable” capabilities. Through this tool you can add controllers, field devices, I/O cards, and workstations while the system is running. You can easily upgrade your system with no downtime required.

DeltaV DCS System Hardware
DeltaV DCS System Hardware by

The new I/O on Demand technology comes with a breakthrough to eliminate the intensive I/O pre-engineering. In the case of exterior hardware design it has perfected with the more compact design that aimed for easy snap-in installation. It will help you to avoid bent pins and over-tightening onto rails. You can just release with push button. It has already had the hardened shell’s ventilation system protection to protect the hardware from the debris and short-circuit electronics.

DeltaV S-series DCS System Hardware Features and Benefits

S-series controllers basically have the same basic functionality with the DeltaV M-series controller. Further, some additional features available in S-series that make it a smarter choice to enhance the process needs. It addressed to lower overall automation project costs, reduce complexity from the optimized hardware as well as reduce footprint and simplify with advanced and innovative Bus Cards and I/O technology.

Cost-saving for Overall Automation Projects

Use the improved easy of installation with the same proven of M-series I/O interfaces, the DeltaV system’s S-series I/O interfaces are designed for quick installation and assembly with error proof maintenance. The S-series traditional I/O subsystem is designed for your saver investment. Each controller supports up to 8 I/O carriers that construct a firm, passive bus for up to 64 I/O interfaces. All wiring is through the carriers and terminal blocks so that modules can easily be removed without disconnecting any wires. Fast installation, modularity, online.

With the same principle to the M-series, S-series hardware is designed for any condition including hazardous environments (Class1, Division 2 / Zone 2 Group A, B, C, D) as well as temperature extremes.

Optimized Hardware to Reduce Complexity

The DeltaV S-series already equipped with Power Integrated Fieldbus H1 Card to reduce the complexity of Foundation Fieldbus Segments. In the case of positioning, S-series can be mounted on a horizontal carrier system. It also has already built-in with the field power distribution. Consequently, users will no doubt anymore about cross-wiring of power, grounding, and marshalling for the Foundation Fieldbus segments.

Innovative I/O and Bus Cards

New to the traditional I/O cars is a Wireless I/O (WIOC) Card in the DeltaV S-series. Clearly, it will help you to connect to a maximum of 100 WirelessHART Field devices as well as AI, DO, and DI signals with the same way as you use the wired signals. In addition, the new Ethernet I/O Card (EIOC) has already equipped to make direct connection to the PLCs or motor control centers (MCCs). All the mentioned concepts are the effort on creating the outstanding pre-engineering work.


With the same easy use of the proven M-series controller, the DeltaV S-series adds all features to enhance the technology. S-series is especially outstanding with the addition of I/O on Demand functionality that eliminates I/O pre-engineering.


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