Sunday, May 8, 2016

Omron NSA Product Overview, Rugged Industrial Panel PC Design that delivers unsurpassed reliability

The NSA Industrial Panel Personal Computer by Omron was created specifically with 24/7 operation in mind. Even in the most demanding industrial environments, its rugged design delivers unsurpassed reliability. The panel IPC is available in 12 or 15 sizes with a 1.3GHz CPU. This specification is ideal for running a wide range of basic to high-performance applications. The NSA makes use of Omron's unique RAS self-diagnostic hardware and software, to ensure that it will keep on running and warn you if conditions become unstable.

Omron Industrial Panel PC

The NSA Industrial Panel PC was created specifically for 24/7 operation, this industrial PC can functions as an HMI and run Windows based applications. The implementation of new sets standards in reliability brings the exceptional concept starting from the design through production and only the highest industrial-grade components are used to ensure that all parts can withstand the extremes of industrial. Unlike many personal computers that have very short life cycles, the NSA Industrial PC is a product with guaranteed continuity.

NSA Industrial Panel PC Features

What makes NSA Industrial Panel PC ensures for the continuity it comes with several features as follows:

1. The NSA Industrial Panel PC  has no moving Parts to Fail

Fewer moving parts mean fewer potential causes of failure and therefore a more reliable product. So instead of a hard disk drive, the new NSA IPC series uses a silicon storage module that offers fast access and exceptional ruggedness. And instead of an electric fan to cool the CPU, heat is radiated away by a heavy heatsink with cooling fins.

2. No Fanto avoid breaks down

A fan is a very crucial part of a PC. When the PC is depend on the fan to work, if the fan fails, then the complete system eventually breaks down. That is why we chose a fan-less concept.

3. No Hard Disk Drive

“Disk on Module” is a very reliable silicon storage type with bad sector management and industrial operating temperatures.

4. The NSA Industrial Panel PC  completed with RAS Board for Continuous Monitoring

Inside the NSA IPC series, a separate RAS board, interfaced by embedded RAS utility software, continually monitors the motherboard. Because the RAS board is a stand-alone board, it can gather data from the motherboard no matter what the Operating System or hardware conditions are. RAS stands for reliability, availability, serviceability.

Models and Specifications of NSA Industrial Panel PC

NSA IPC comes in two variant, 12 and 15 inches. Each model available in black and silver color: 12” Black (NSA12-TX01B-E), 12” Silver (NSA12-TX01S-E), 15” Black (NSA15-TX01B-E) and 15” Silver (NSA15-TX01S-E). All models come with 1.3 Ghz Celeron M, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB storage, XPe, no fan, no HDD.


Not like many personal computer, the NSA Industrial Panel PC is specialized for the industrial purpose that designed base on 24/7 operation purpose. The computer has been armed designed with specific features to make sure its continuity for a longer time. Looking at the features and specifications details, this type of computer is ideal for running a wide range of basic to high-performance applications with unsurpassed reliability.


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