Monday, May 9, 2016

HMI Wireless Technology of Pro-face

Technology world is developing world inside of the truth world. There are many kinds of technological component that can be the easy tools for helping the human in doing their activities. And the one of the sophisticated component is this modern era is HMI wireless.

Some electronic tools that use this kind of wireless are variated. They are from smartphone and laptop also Personal Computer. They have to use this wireless or supporting the system included. It is important then if they are do not use this wireless. Shortly it is for making the sophisticated media become the best technology for the human.

HMI Wireless
HMI Wireless by

HMI Wireless Definition

HMI wireless is the kind of wireless that has the function is to display the features of the technology. There are many kinds of wireless series. The one of it is the Pro-face SP5000 / Pro-face SP5660 wireless LAN that 12 inch of its size.

The Specification of HMI Wireless

  1. TFT LCD 
  2. The availability of LED backlighting for the panel of resistive film

HMI Wireless SP5000

SP5000 wireless HMI is the one kind of HMI wireless that has the series of mart portal. It means that it has the sophistical technology for supporting the technology includes. It is being the new member of the wireless worldwide.

It is usually used in smartphone for some functions. They are for managing production and for maintaining the data. The use of the sophisticated component will make the consumer satisfied and ask to get the application more. So it will make the production increased.

SP5000 HMI Wireless Specification

  1. There are multifunction of the wireless
  2. Use the type of wireless IEEE802, 11b, IEEE802, 11g, and IEEE802, 11n
  3. The transmission size is about 30 meter.

The Benefit of HMI Wireless

  1. Can be used everywhere and every time.
  2. Reduce the use of cable because the strong network
  3. Use the IP address to control he network
  4. It lets the user for adding their new application like using the new windows for making it better function
  5. There is the module of SP5B40 Open Box
  6. It comes with the standard HMI Runtime.
  7. It has two types, they are type A and mini-BUSB 2.0 connectors
  8. It can run on system form 20 up to 24 VDC
  9. Then strong from the changing of temperature. Hey are up to 600

Those are about HMI wireless that will give us the easy technology by its benefit inside. The benefit of it can be description for anyone to like it.


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