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S5-PCLink – Ethernet Gateway for SIMATIC S5 Controllers that enable quick and easy integration of proven S5 technology into modern Ethernet architectures

For those still used the Siemens’s Simatic S5 in addition to the newest Simatic S7 PLC for an automation system based on PLC, then Softing automation manufacturer offers a great Ethernet gateway for the device. S5-PCLink is the Ethernet gateway specialized for Siemens’s Simatic S5 Controllers. It provides users quick and easy integration of proven S5 technology into modern Ethernet architectures. The three main benefits of the S5-PCLink Ethernet gateway are the extended usability of S5 systems that saves investment cost, easy configuration and quick commissioning as well as data integration without changes to the control program.

Ethernet Gateway for SIMATIC S5
Ethernet Gateway for SIMATIC S5 by

S5-PCLink Ethernet gateway all in one program and display STEP5 as well as capture process data at the same time with only one controller. Fortunately, this gateway can be directly accessed by S7 controllers.

3 Main Benefits of S5-PCLink Ethernet Gateway

1. Quick to Connect the S5-PCLink to the programming interface and Space Saving

Hubs or switches are usually used for connection to Ethernet. Users only need to do on the controller side is connect the S5-PCLink to the programming interface. The S5-PCLink is powered by the controller but can also run on external power. In addition, this electronics of ultra compact Ethernet gateway are enclosed in a 15-pin D-sub housing aimed to save space. An LED is provided for the easier monitoring of the functional state of the unit.

2. Data Integration to synchronize communication with the Programmable Logic Control (PLC) without Changes to the Control Program

The gateway is possible to synchronize communication with the Programmable Logic Control (PLC). This condition provides reliable parallel access to S5 data by multiplexing.  Therefore, there is no application to be interrupted in favor of another. Visualization and SCADA systems can also access the S5 data via an optional OPC server. A virtual COM interface allows STEP5 programming through Ethernet.

If you plan to connect the device with the Siemens’s Simatic S7 controllers, then it will support TCP/IP PUT/GET and it can read and write data without changes to the S5 project.

3. Connected S5 via Ethernet  to make Easy Configuration for Both Local and Remote Access

The S5-PCLink supports 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet with automatic detection. The gateway can receive the IP address through manual configuration as well as from a DHCP server. By this configuration choices, users can access the connected S5 via Ethernet wherever from directly on site or from a remote computer on the network.

S5-PCLink Ethernet Gateway Technical Details

S5-PCLink Ethernet Gateway supported S5 controllers: S5 AG 90U to S5 AG 155U with S5 data types: E, A, M, DB, Z, T. It can be connected through PLC interface: S5 PG port, 15-pin connector, 9.6 kBaud and Ethernet interface: RJ45, 100 Mbit/s and 10 Mbit/s with automatic detection.

High speed data access supported by communication types: AS511, RK512 (PG connection through STEP5 and virtual COM port), ISO (H1), ISO on TCP (RFC 1006), ISO on TCP (RFC 1006) with IP address: Manually con­figurable, via DHCP server, or auto IP. Power supply: 24V/DC–80 mA from AG or external power supply 24 V DC, 80 mA max and small medium Dimensions: 42 x 15 x 65 mm (H x W x D) required system requirements: PC/PG with Windows 98/NT/2000/XP and 10/100 MBit Ethernet


S5-PCLink that manufactured by Softing provides automation industry to expand their project with the smart Ethernet gateway for S5 and S7 controllers. The technology provides quick and easy integration into the modern Ethernet architecture.


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