Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stuff You Should Know: Industrial PC

Industrial PC is the industrial of computer that serve some kinds of PC tools like Military Computer, Industrial Motherboard, Panel PC, Mini PC and more. It is higher grade as power supply. There is locking doors as controller access and also automatically reset system for including watchdog time.

Industrial PC

This industry is different with the commercial office machines. It is different from the use of hardware. It is also lower cost than the commercial grade. The building environment of this industrial can be in the wet, dirty, dusty and bad temperature. It doesn’t need to work as the office or server room.

The Product Industrial PC

There are some kinds of Industrial PC, they are:
  1. Industrial PC with some sizes. They are 1U, 2U, and 4U. It holds out from the hot temperature up to 650 C and also holds out from the shake, sturdy chassis and cables more hard disk. It is appropriate to be used for the communication tools because it has more ISA. The latest update of this type is on January 11th, 2016.

  2. Industrial PC with standing chassis. It has strong chassis and appropriate for being used in the factory Pc and hot place. The latest update is on January 10th, 2016.

There are some famous industrial for computer that is being the popular one, they are Industrial PC Siemens SIMATIC PC, Wall-Mounted Industrial PC based on ATX motherboard. Industrial PC is actually the computing system that some types. They are x86 for the PC in the industrial.

The Superiority of This Industry

Every product has the superiority that makes them becoming the favorite product for the customers. The superiority is the weight and it is heavier than the other because it is made from the metal.

Then there is 19” wall mount, panel moment as the factor that shall enclosure the provision. Then there is also additional cooler as the filterer of the air. Besides, there are some methods like air forced, liquid and conduction. Besides also the filtering and gasketing.

The Function of Industrial PC

It is as the control o the acquisition data and also as the controller of environment processing. The software can be installed there. The varieties features make the costumers satisfied because the product is compatible, reliable and long term use.

Industrial PC is based on the home PCS. But usually 19-inches of the size is the common size. Besides, the system uses single board computers. Then the main components of industry are panels PC that is placed in the LCD. Then the other function is controlling the high and low speed of electricity is becoming the main function. Those are all of about industrial PC, hoping these information useful.


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