Monday, May 16, 2016

Web-HMI Server Software

Technology is never died. There are many developed technology asked the human to be update about the newest software. The software will make the easier system of the gadget. The one of the software is Web-HMI Server.

Web-HMI Server

HMI or Human Machine Interface is the part of SCADA system. It is contained in the RTU System. The function of the HMI is for making the supervisory easy to be used by the operator. Shortly, HMI is for changing the datum and the numbered data to the animation, graphic and all the easier form to be read by the reader.

Web-HMI Server

The one kind of HMI is Web-HMI Server from It is the one type of HMI and  as the one of best type of HMI. With the component is the result 0f the best visualization from the netSCADA Modbus. It is also low control cost with the best machine system. This Web-HMI Server use the 3 kinds of RTU connection, they are RS-232, RS-485, and RS-485 connection.

Then, there are two Ethernet ports inside for connecting between the unit and the network available. All the components will be collaborated and the result is the best visualization that can manage some plugins ages from ActiveX®, flash®, Java®, Silverlight® and other browsers. All about then browser can be applied in the Windows® or Linux PC.

The Web Technology in side of this Web-HMI Server is to make dynamic the visual elements with thee function f mouse. Eh standard changing is happened on the color, movement, scaling, user right, graphic format and multilingualism. 

The Specification Detailed of Web-HMI Server

The one of the detail specification is in the type of NSCD-T52-RS/ATVISE/MBR are:
  1. The apart number of the product is 1880.100/AVISE/MBR
  2. The type of Communication controller is netX 52
  3. The integrated  memory or the RAM is 8 MB SD RAM
  4. The supply voltage of 18-30 V DC
  5. The device size is 88 in length, 22,5 in weight, and 77 mm in height

The Superiority of Web-HMI Server

  1. Bring the Modbus-networked automation in the web application
  2. It is easy to be used in the neutral visualization and also free for all common browser
  3. It can be use in the all kind of mobile and also anywhere in order to operate the machine and monitor control
  4. The availability of touch-screen-ready and fast application without any complicated programming
  5. The visualization is modern, flexible and economic

Web-HMI Server will make the gadged system easier by specification of it includes bt it’s superiority.


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