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Specification and Performance of Panasonic FP7 PLC

Panasonic FP7 PLC is total integration into web applications and standard CPU board also completed with Ethernet interface which offer the connectivity. This FP7 series offer full connectivity without limits. The remote programming is work to monitoring also data logging to Modbus TCP and FTF server. Panasonic FP7 series apply the program of PLC will be password protected that can be set of different security from customer needs. FP7 PLC also have CPU unit which can store 2 programs.

Panasonic FP7 PLC

Panasonic FP7 PLC in CPU Program Equipment

Panasonic FP7 PLC in CPU program equipped with large memory capacity up to 220k in program steps until 500k in data words, and high speed processor. The local and remote connectivity, FP7 PLC supported by service that includes are FTP server, HTTP Client, and sending emails. In security and reliability is has built program backup, resume of production and original program.

Panasonic FP7 PLC complete with traceability. In traceability, the program debugging is useful controlled by automatic logs program to download and upload. Whereas in operational and program editing are logged. For FP7 CPU maintenance, it can build in clock or calendar regulated by Ethernet. And after know introduce of FP7 CPU, next the specification of Panasonic FP7 series.

The Specification of Panasonic Fp7 Series

Panasonic FP7 PLC supported by power supply in 2V DC or FP power supply unit, with input and output. In performance, CPU board offer the maximal program capacity includes 64k, 120k steps and 196k steps. To expansion performance is up to 64 units and built-in flash ROM program memory. The CPU constant scan is available in 0-125ms.

Panasonic FP7 PLC offer two category product are FP7 communication cassettes into 6 specifications and FP7 application cassettes with 3 specifications.  FP7 PLC also equipped with digital input unit, digital output unit, digital mixed I/O unit, and analog unit (input and output unit).

The thermocouple & RTD unit is supported by 10 types of thermocouples which can use in combination between current input and voltage, 3 types of RTDs for each channel and sensor types to set the programming software.

In application, Panasonic FP7 PLC will use with an Eco-POWER METER and wireless unit that the data gathered from consumption of monitor energy and systems of exterior lightning will be run well. FP7 PLC also uses for analog control applications in an impulse heat controller such as thermal welding, thermo-compression bonding and other. In other hand, FP7 PLC can use to monitoring the energy consumption of a building.


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