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Omron K3HB-H SeriesHigh-Precision Temperature Indicator, Features And Beneficial Aspect

There are so many device and supported hardware which is needed by the industries to growth their bussiness and working process become much easier nor better. It was something that demanding and so challenging too by those who worked to developed any supported device and other solution too.

Due to the fact, the industries needed was developed wide and goes in wide range and area which is can recognized dramaticly. From the aspect of Automation Solution such as High-precision Temperature Indicator until the Enginering and Technical supported was need to developed console developer has to change and answer the Industrial intention and purposes needed.

High-precision Temperature Indicator
High-precision Temperature Indicator by

One of the device which is  needed by industries was high-precision temperature indicator. Which is need by the industries to do the temperature measuring process precisely. Several manufacture and factory which go in console developer and automation solution, otherwise to create and developed any goods, device and hardware solution was go in challenge to realize better high-precision temperature indicator for industrial intention. One of world class device and console developer was Omron with K3HB-H serieshigh-precision temperature indicator, which widely recognized by the woeld of industries as high quality temperature indicator. Here in this article we would go further more with Features And Beneficial Aspect of Omron K3HB-H serieshigh-precision temperature indicator.

Omron K3HB-H High-precision Temperature Indicator Features and Benefits

Omron K3HB-H series is kind of high-precision temperature indicator that was designing and build for best use as the industrial temperature indicator which completed with such of dependables feature such as:

  1. Great Specification Aspect
  2. Omron K3HB-H series was completed with 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz), 24 VAC/VDC power supply voltage, 85% to 110% of the rated power supply voltage allowable power supply voltage range, Delta-Sigma method as the A/D conversion method, See Sensor Power Supply/Output Type Codes external power supply,  Negative LCD (backlit LED) display with 7-segment digital display (Character height: PV: 14.2 mm (green/red); SV: 4.9 mm (green) display method, ambient operating temperature is around - 10 to 55 °C with no icing or condensation, 25% to 85% ambient operating humidity, with 2,000 m max operating altitude.

  3. Strong Characteristic in Use
  4. As high-precision temperature indicator device, Omron K3HB-H series was totally designed with great and durable characteristic which is come from such as applying feature; -19,999 to 99,999 display range, 20 ms (50 times/second)sampling period, 20 MΩ min (at 500 VDC)insulation resistance, 2,300 VAC for 1 min between external terminals and casedielectric strength, Frequency: 10 to 55 Hz; Acceleration: 50 m/s210 sweeps of 5 min each in X, Y, and Z directions vibration resistanceaspect.

Every aspect that brings and build in with Omron K3HB-H series was designing by the expert in Omron manufacturing. As other product of Omron Industrial Automation, Omron K3HB-H series was bring the best idea of inovation and development idea in the manufacture and factory worldwidely.


Omron K3HB-H series was kind of high-precision temperature indicator which make and developed by Omron Industrial Automation, which completely recognized and remarkable by the industries around the world as one of high quality, robust and super precisely temperature indicator device.


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