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Product Information and Beneficial Aspect of OMRON E3G Series Long-Distance Photoelectric Sensors

One of importance equipment which is largely used in industrial manufacturing is Long-Distance Photoelectric Sensors. It is small equipment that need to discoverthe distance, absence, or presence of an object by using a light transmitter, infrared, and a photoelectric receiver.

The photoelectric sensor which is widely known and recognized by the industries worldwidely was need as one of the part in a whole of the manufacture Automation Solution.
Long-Distance Photoelectric Sensors so far was need by the industries and manufacturing in automation solution to find the object, as one of the photoelectric sensor abilities.
Otherwise photoelectric sensor had one of common capabilities to be the part of the sensing technologies.

Long-Distance Photoelectric Sensors
Long-Distance Photoelectric Sensors by

There are a lot of manufacture, or console developer which is completely known had been produce the Photoelectric Sensor. One of the popular and remarkable Long-Distance Photoelectric Sensor developer was OMRON Automation Solution.

Since several years ago, OMRON has been recognized by the world of industries as one of high quality manufacture and developer in which of sensing technology and automation solution. One of the OMRON photoelectric sensor product which is demandly developed and popular was the OMRON E3G Series Long-Distance Photoelectric Sensors. Here in this article we would go further more with the information about the product and the users beneficial act.

OMRON E3G Series, Many Types for any Industrial Sensing Intention

OMRON E3G Series was designed with several features which can bring kindness for the Industrial Sensing and Automation Solution. By that reason OMRON was separated the E3G Series with two types of the series depend on sensing method.

As the product information service depend on OMRON E3G Technical Brochure, OMRON E3G Series separated as retro-reflective (with MSR function) and distance-setting sensing method, with several models that was offered publicy such as;

  1. OMRON E3G Retro-Reflective (with MSR function) Models
  2. There are four models which is offered publicy by OMRON Automation Solution Co which is called with; E3G-R13, E3G-R17, E3G-MR19, and E3G-MR19T. Every models has completed with vary of features that make every product being dependable, such as; 10 m (500 mm) sensing distance, 80-mm min standard sensing object, 1° to 5° sensor directional angle, 650 nm Red LED Light source, 10 to 30 VDC, with ripple (p-p) 10% for  E3G-R13, E3G-R17 and  12 to 240 VDC±10%  ripple (p-p) max or 24 to 240 VAC±10% at 50/60 Hzpower supply voltage for E3G-MR19, and E3G-MR19Tmodels.

  3. OMRON E3G Distance-Setting Models
  4. This models has four type also, same as Retro-Reflective Models, the model was called with; E3G-L73, E3G-L77, E3G-ML79, and E3G-ML79T. Every models has completed with great features such as; 300 x 300 mm or White paper sensing and setting distance, 10% of setting distancedifferential travel, ±10% maxreflectivity characteristics, Infrared LED or 860 nmlight source/wavelength, 70 diameter maxspot size, 10 to 30 VDC with 10% ripple (p-p) for E3G-L73 andE3G-L77model serie and 12 to 240 VDC±10% with also 10% max ripple (p-p).


OMRON E3G Long-Distance Photoelectric Sensors Series was kind of high sensitivity photoelectric sensor tools and equipment, which can be good to used for the parts of industrial automation solution. Other than that, OMRON E3G Long-Distance Photoelectric Sensors Series was produced with many models with separated sensing method to give extra choice for many industrial automation solution intention.


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