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Product Specification and Applicatin of Matrikon Industrial UA Modbus Gateway that provides simple and secure way to get access to the data from MODBUS data protocol

Industrial UA Modbus Gateway from Matrikon offers versatility, compact and rugged design to make it standout for use in applications where the space and power are limited as well as the ambient temperature is extreme. It provides simple and secure way to get access to the data from RTUs, PLCs or any other devices used in the MODBUS data protocol.

Matrikon Industrial UA Modbus Gateway supports for third party Modbus devices integration. The remote feature gives benefits to completely managing the remote management. Other benefits and features will be explained in the following sections.

Industrial Modbus Gateway
Industrial Modbus Gateway by www.matrikonopc.com

Matrikon UA Modbus Gateway Suitable Condition

Industrial UA Modbus Gateway has limited power availability in remote conditions. So, it can be functioned to remote or unmanned stations that needed for data collection. In other case, this device suitable for condition as below:
  1. This is very suitable if you have limited space and need king of a compact solution.
  2. It can be operated in the extreme temperatures or dusty locations.
  3. Possible of leveraging without IT governance.
  4. It is perfect if you want to minimize the cost of maintenance.
  5. The secure data connectivity fulfills the company policy and regulatory environments.

Matrikon UA Modbus Gateway Features and Specifications

Industrial UA Modbus Gateway is device with Remote Management Feature. The remote feature is the foremost thing must available feature to the UA Modbus Gateway. With the Matrikon UA Modbus Gateway it is possible to make any configuration and changes without sending the engineers to the field once the devices is installed in the field.

To support its function, it has specific features and specification as below:
  1. Universal Device Connectivity to connect with any other/third party Modbus devices, the Matriko UA Modbus Gateway is well designed with the concept. It is also support for multiple Modbus variants including all-legacy and modern Modbus data sources into OPC UA architecture. No matter what the third party vendors are, the device will support perfectly.
  2. Multiple Communication Choices to maximize the connectivity options you can add up Modbus slave devices including RTU TCP, Serial RS485, Serial RS232 and Serial RS422.
  3. Easy Installation with no additional training required to install Matrikon UA Modbus Gateway. It is easy and simple to setup and configure. The field engineer can directly install into the DIN rail or simply beside the RTU.
  4. Secure Data Communications that built-in with the secure OPC UA standard. It means the security is the main priority. When the data is sent through the network via local RTUs the device will encrypt the data.


Finally we can say that Matrikon Industrial UA Modbus Gateway is proved UA Gateway to assist the data from remote PLCs and other devices securely and reliably. It’s rugged and compact design give all-in-one solution to resolve the problem in the extreme environment as well as small space. The remote feature gives solutions to the engineer to make any configuration and setup without visiting the field once the Matrikon Industrial UA Modbus Gateway is installed. In last, the encryption feature is part of the Matrikon Industrial UA Modbus Gatway features to assure only valid and authorized users are eligible to connect and gain access to the data.


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