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Feature and Benefits Matrikon Industrial Data Logger to manage and archive the data without worrying of data lost, even when the connectivity is goes down

Industrial Data logger is among the most crucial things to be properly considered for industrial purpose especially to manage and archive the data without worrying of data lost even when the connectivity is goes down. Its ability to collect data on a 24-hour basis is the main benefit of data logger. For industrial purpose, sometime picking the data logger is not easy rather than to the smaller scale of use. Matrikon offers the solutions to fulfill the data logger needs for industrial purpose. Using Matrikon, operators can collect data from assets as well as from the control systems. They also have a chance to buffer the data locally to make sure zero data loss then proceed the data to a central location for long term archiving.

Matrikon Industrial Data Logger is for who want to reveal and have to look completely the data. The availability of the third party connectivity is another brilliant solution offered. You can access to the data locally or remotely as well as capture data for regulatory purposes. Matrikon is an open standards based system, so you can future proof your system architectures.

Industrial Data Logger
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Features and Benefits of Matrikon Industrial Data Logger

  1. Support Third Party Devices
  2. Matrikon has the universal device connectivity that gives you possibilities to connect to the third party devices whatever the vendor they come from. It is also support for the multiple data connectivity protocols with legacy and modern data sources.

  3. Local Access to Historical Data
  4. The on-board archiving concept is used by Matrikon Data Logger. It continuously collects and save the data to the local drive and make it possible to be accessed locally remotely. Without interruption the device will continues to capture the data even if the LAN or WAN goes down. If the network connections are restored, then Matrikon Data Logger will transfers the missing data automatically to the head office.

  5. Assured Delivery of Data
  6. To make sure the data are delivered securely, Matrikon Data Logger use the concept of continual buffers data. It resumes the forwarding archived file and data to the main repository when the connection is lost.

  7. The Use of WAN and Internet
  8. Matrikon Data Logger uses OPC Tunneller technology. The device is encrypted and compressed for maximum security. The technology is aimed for effortless OPC connectivity through complex IT architectures including the Internet. It can be accessed over a WAN or across firewalls.

  9. Secure Access Control
  10. Matrikon Data Loggers comes standard with application white listing, secured all-port, and fully-controlled user access to assure the security of access control. It already meets the security requirements like NERC CIP and other.

Available Models of Matrikon

As mentioned above, Matrikon Data Logger can be paired to the third party devices.   The different models can be connected including PLC Data Logger, Power Automation Data Logger, SCADA Data Logger, and Building Automation Data Logger.


Answering to the industrial needs of data logger, Matrikon offers a complete features and benefits to keep the data recorded securely. Users even can monitor the most up-to-date historical data at a very quick time. The technology used by Matrikon give you chance to manage and archive the data without worrying of data lost, even when the connectivity is goes down.


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