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Product Features, Specification and benefits of Twido Programmable Controllers for Standard Applications 10 to 100 I/O to assure the establishment of automation systems

As a leading designer and manufacturer of automation and control solution, Schneider Electric offers ranges of Programmable controllers for standard applications requirements. The programmable controllers are aimed to compromise 10 up to 100 I/O. With the availability of the wide range of I/O and available three model types of base, Twido gives the brilliant answer to the problems for the automation and control solution.

Twido Programmable controller comes with the ease use TwidoSuite. TwidoSuite is the powerful and omnibus software functioned to configure and program Twido Programmable Controllers. Smartly designed, the TwidoSuite has been developed from years of experience to assist and simplify all the operations with the goal of urgency on reducing development time. It is open to various communication networks as well as flexible in supporting the 3 base of Twido Programmable Controllers – Twido Compact, Modular, and Extreme – and I/O given in the range. All the concepts are aimed to assure the establishment of automation systems.

Programmable controllers applications
Programmable controllers applications by Twido

Twido Programmable Types Specifications

Twido Compact Features

  • “All in one” product. The Twido range of compact programmable controllers comes in a compact overall size from 80 to 157x90x70 mm.
  • Available ten compact base controllers. All together come with options, etc.
  • Supply 24 V (an a.c. supply between 100 and 240 V) and 30 V (a d.c. supply between 19.2 and 30 V).
  • Support CANopen, Modbus, Ethernet (integrated on 40 I/O)

Twido Modular

  • Very compact bases for 40 I/O within 95 x 90 x 70 mm equipped with removable screw terminals or HE10 (pre-wired) connection.
  • Available five bases, 20 or 40 I/O, expandable for different connection methods or analogue I/O modules, all come with options of display, real-time clock, memory, etc.
  • Supply 24 V DC
  • Ethernet, Modbus, CANopen.

Twido Extreme

The Twido Extreme consist of the range of programmable controllers answering to the solution for applications in the hazardous environmental conditions like temperature extreme, oil splashing, vibrations, and impacts. The Twido Extreme features:
  • Support IP67
  • Designed for temperature -40° to +110°C
  • 1 non expandable base, 41 I/O (Digital, Analogue or PWM)
  • Supply 12 or 24 VDC
  • CAN J1939 integrated, Modbus, CANopen

Benefits and Applications

Twido Programmable Controllers designed for your peace in mind. It flexible choices of types, wide range of I/O options, and TwidoSuites are can be a brilliant solution for automation and control industry. In the case of applications, all types of Twido Programmable Controllers offers stand-alone installation, in instance for heating and air conditioning, lighting management, control/monitoring, access control and many other more. Its repetitive and compact machines are also suitable for automatic dispenser, conveyers, lifts, etc.


For the programmable controllers, Schneider Electric has many options and solutions relating to the automation and control systems. The Twido Programmable with its 3 types will be great option even for the hazardous environments with the Twido Extreme to assure the establishment of automation systems.


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