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Vigor VB-232 and VB-485 CP2 Expansion Communication Card Application to support stable quality, multi-functions programmable controller and complete control function

The Vigor Communication Card VB Series PLC comes with VB-232 and VB -485 second COM port expansion cards (CP2). CP2 is a multi-functional communication port used for various communication types including CPU Link, Easy Link, ModBus Communication, Computer Link, non-protocol communication and modem communication. VB-232 is for the RS-232 communication card type and the VB-485 is for RS-485 communication card type of transmission interface.

As part of the formation of communication system offered with the Vigor Communication Card VB-series PLC which already has been marketing for many years, the VB expansion communication card has a stable quality, multi-functions programmable controller and complete control function. VB series PLC family includes VB0 as the general type, VB1 for the motion control type and VB2 for high powerful programmable controller. VB0 is suitable for a variety of general automation control system. Then, VB1 is applicable to positioning and high speed I/O function. For more complex procedures of automatic control system, you can pick for the Vigor VB2 PLC.

Vigor VB-232 VB-485 Expansion Communication Card
Vigor VB-232 VB-485 Expansion Communication Card by

More Detail of COM Port 2 (CP2) Applications

As a multi-functional expansion Vigor Communication Card port the CP2 can be used for various communication applications as follows:
  1. Computer Link
  2. It can be applied using the M, VB and VH Series communication protocol. By the RS-485 interface, a computer and several PLCs can count for a monitoring local access network. Basically it has the function as the CP1 (COM Port 1).

  3.  CPU Link
  4. CPU Link connection uses the dedicated communication protocol and it is only can be obtained by the RS-485 interface.  Usually the CPU Link is used for distributed control system that allows data transfer between (2~8) PLCs.

  5. Parallel Link
  6. With the same purpose to the CPU Link, Parallel Link uses the dedicated communication protocol as well. However, it uses the simpler procedure and it only allows data to be transferred between 2 PLCs.

  7. Easy Link
  8. Easy Link uses the M, VB and VH Series communication protocol.  It has the basic application similarly to the Computer Link, except this Easy Link uses a Main Unit of M or VB Series to replace the computer, HMI or SCADA in the local network.  To conduct data transfer in the network, programmer will required to put the LINK instruction (FNC 89) in the Master PLC's program to access the data in Slave PLCs.

  10. ModBus is a standard open source communication protocol. It uses the MODBUS Master or Slave communication protocol.  Usually the feature is already come standard with SCADA and HMI. So, if the communication expansion card device comes without the M, VB and VH Series communication protocol, it still can be linked to the VB series PLC through the MODBUS.

  11. MODEM  Communication
  12. The benefits of the uses in MODEM Communication, the PLC allows the user to perform remote program modification or data monitoring.

  13. MODEM  Dialing
  14. With the dialing function of VB Series PLC and MODEM are activated, it can triggers the PLC's Dial-up Connection to link with the other PLCs. This is very useful function, especially if you want to remote abnormality report, data collector, and security system.


Vigor Communication Card VB-232 and VB-485 are the available formation of communication system as the communication expansion card available for Vigor VB Series PLC. With the communication expansion card, operators will have possibilities to apply various communication types to support stable quality, multi-functions programmable controller and complete control function as mentioned above.


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