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VS Series Vigor Communication Card For Powerfull, High-Function, and Rapider Of Execution PLC Family

The industrial development nowadays completely known and remarkable challenging and so much far competitives. It is totally known that so far the competition between one manufacture and factory each other was being as the fact of the industries itself.

By that reason, there are lots of industries that go in pursue of perfection within the capabilities of better business process, and demandable factory machinery through better technologies and visionary enggering supported.

Due to the facts there are a lots of dependables and world class automation solution that recognized and remarkably known can bring better solution for the industries to changes their industrial working process with bring better automation solution. One of the world class recognized Programable Logic Controller (PLC) manufacture was Vigor Electric Corp.

Vigor Communication Card
Vigor Communication Card by

Vigor Electric Corp, was kind of PLC developer and manufacture established around 1995 in Danshui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Since that time, Vigor Electric Corp was come as competitives PLC and PLC console developer that remarked and reknown by the industries as the high quality PLC and PLC console supported developer. One of PLC Family with high beneficial for the used of industrial intention and kindness was the VS Series Vigor Communication Card. Which is used by many industries around the world widely. Here in this article we would go further more with VS Series Vigor Communication Card PLC family and learn moer with the product features and beneficial aspects.

Powerfull, High-Function, and Rapider Of Execution, VS Series Beneficial Aspect

All VS series controller, was designed with high-function to supplied all-inclusive control, not only with the technical aspect it was completely developer to reach the best in value and price in class of PLC communication card. There are several types for any kind of industrial purposess PLC family that known developing by Vigor Electric Corp such as; VS2 Advanced, VSM Motion Control, VS3 Powerful type.

Every single PLC Family design and developing by Vigor Electric Corp was design by highly experiences R&D team, that wasn’t only to reach and pursue of perfection but also achieve the high value of PLC’s family, as good as developing with the instalation of communication card.

Here are the following information of Vigor Electric CorpVS2 Communication Card PLC Family.
  1. VigorVS2 Advanced Type
  2. This Vigor Electric CorpPLC Family was developing and designing for the general purposes of industrial control systems in general intentionsuch as;passenger lifts/elevators, Rubber Vulcanization machine, Plastic Injection Molding machine, Metal Stamping equipment, Packaging machine, and other industrial purposes. Otherwise this models was completely design and developin to meet with vary of analog, temperature and more complex process control industry.

  3. VigorVSM Motion Control Type
  4. It was designing and developing for industrial intention such as;bar feeder, labeling/shrink sleeve machine, film laminating machine, dispenser, cutting machine,pipe bending machine , and other, and so it was designing to meet vary of servo/stepper motors as well as to perform precise position control industry.

  5. VigorVS3 Powerful Type
  6. It was developing of course by Vigor Electric Corp to meet with vary of complex process as well as the automatic control systems such as Automatic Production Lines, Semiconductor Peripherals, Automatic Storage,Printing Machine,  Electroplating Process Control Equipmentand other control program that needto control larger as well as the complex control system.


Vigor VS Series Vigor Communication Card PLC Family was designing and developing to meet great the best idea ofor the insutrial automation supported as well as to creat best bussiness process for the kindness of industrial intention, it was totally designing as the industrial automation solution sytems.


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