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ProSafe-RS Integrated Safety Controller Project Architecture and Benefits as stand alone solutions for the process industries

ProSafe-RS is  Integrated Safety Controller  has been widely applied on many  projects, starting from large scale integrated process to stand-alone solutions. It s really World's First Truly Integrated Safety Controller with competence, life cycle support and long term sustainability. ProSafe-RS is  Integrated Safety Controller works based on safety PLC for the process industries.

Yokogawa designed this safety controller modules between distributed control system (DCS) and safety instrumented system (SIS).  For many years application, this safety controller has traditionally increased solution for complex design and integration problems.

Integrated Safety Controller
Integrated Safety Controller by

ProSafe-RS Integrated Safety Controller between distributed control system (DCS) and safety instrumented system (SIS)

ProSafe-RS has integrated process automation based on distributed control system (DCS) and safety instrumented system (SIS). It has relied on the same architecture. This supported device enable system to improve the engineering environment. .  ProSafe-RS  consists of distinctive hardware architectures. For many industrial application,  plant managers can set up system to maximize industrial process operations and take  it as a given that project time and expenses would escalate.

ProSafe-RS Integrated Safety Controller Project Architecture

ProSafe-RS Integrated Safety Controller worked on Safety Engineering PC (SENG) equipped with engineering and maintenance functions. This controller supported by the Safety Control Station (SCS) for safety control and Vnet/IP for control network.

ProSafe-RS Integrated Safety Controller has single architecture with Conventional engineering and parallel engineering system and work shortens the project schedule. In the other hand by starting later or by possibly enabling an earlier communicate with each of those equipment. This system has benefits such as below:
  1. Lower cost and faster project implementation
  2. Only need one process network saves engineering design time
  3. Greater operational efficiency and lower cost of ownership
  4. It has been integrated with information displays  and combine with common control and network architecture standards
  5. Easy to reduce maintenance overhead cost to eliminate SIS selection complexities

ProSafe-RS Integrated Safety Controller Product Specification

ProSafe-RS has single module configuration to each ultra-compact input, output, and processor card. In addition, this safety controller makes a simple modularity to design systems easily with specification as below:
  1. ProSafe RS with N-IO Device
  2. This safety controller offers the N-IO module. It can handles different signal types at each channel.

  3. Prosafe RS for Field Mate Validator
  4. Prosafe has integrated with N-IO modules. This is enable field devices for testing and validation without needed a controller and an engineering station. For better result, users can use this software with an option of FieldMate.

  5. Prosafe Automation Design Suite
  6. Prosafe AD Suite completed with  the engineering environment and CENTUM VP. This safety controller has change management function to improve engineering quality and efficiency with minimize error throughout the plant lifecycle.


In some case industrial control application, Plant Resource Manager (PRM) sholud manage the HART communication devices connected to I/O modules on SCS. In this case ProSafe-RS Integrated Safety Controller make it possible to be done.  Prosafe-RS has Project Architecture and Benefits as stand alone solutions for the process industries that makes it widely applied in many industrial plant.


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