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Yokogawa UP35A/UP32A Product Overview which is need high and rapidly program controller device to created and bring better industrial processes

There are so much Program Controller device which is need by the industries to bring better industrial processes. Every device was need in case of to support the industrial intention aspect and at the same time to create the industries chain process to present best product within easy, reliable, faster and simple process.

One of the Program Controller device which can commonly used to support the industries, in case for  the industrial automation device also the automation solution was the Program Control device. The program control device was kind of device which is used to control the industrial chain mechanism process in many aspect which can bring kindness and solution for industrial solution.

By the time, there are so many manufacture and console developer which build, design and offered the Program Control device for the industries purposes. One of world class named was Yokogawa. Yokogawa was reknown as the manufacture which producing, developing and selling many types of the technologies product which laterally used by the industries world widely.

Program Controller
Program Controller by

Here in this article we would go specifically with the YokogawaUP35A/UP32A Program Controller and the application case in pharmaceutical industries as the controller for the pasteurizer or sterilizer systems.

Yokogawa UP35A/UP32A Program Controller, Overview and Mounting In Industries Application

As the Program Controller, Yokogawa UP35A/UP32A Program Controller was designed and created to bring beneficial in case of used and application such as; 3 year warranty, RoHS/WEEE, and NEMA4*2/IP66 front panel to bring the reliability using process.

Not only that Yokogawa UP35A/UP32A Program Controller was designed to present simplicity aspect with several feature such as ; easy-to-read display that come from LCD display, scrolling text feature for parameters, navigation guide & navigation keys, programmable function keys, multiple language support (English, Spanish, french, German) and compact design with 65-mm depth.

In the aspect of Networking function the UP35A/UP32A Program Controller was completed with great features such as; able to operated in open network (PROFIBUS-DP, CC-Link, DeviceNet, RS-485 (Modbus/RTU, peer to peer, coordinated PC-Link), and Ethernet (Modbus/TCP). Rejoining the quality, UP35A/UP32A Program Controller from Yokogawa was deliberated and designed as Advanced Control device which is come from further aspect such as; Fuzzy logic control and Ladder sequence control.

Yokogawa UP35A/UP32A Program Controller Specification

Yokogawa UP35A/UP32A Program Controller has Simplicity and easy to read, 14-segment large color LCD display. This program controller has Ethernet (Modbus/TCP), RS-485 (Modbus/RTU, peer to peer, coordinated, PC-Link), Open network (PROFIBUS-DP, CC-Link, DeviceNet)

For easier operated, user settable default values with multiple language support (English, Spanish, French, German) and guaranteed front panel. Separately such of this program controller was completed with great feature, UP35A was offered 4 patterns and 40 segments (max.) and also available with multi-channel contact I/O, and UP32A was designed with more patterns and segments than the sequel.


Yokogawa UP35A/UP32A Program Controller was program controller device which is commonly used as the part of the industrial program controller system. It was laterally working in many industries and industrial intention and purposes, which is need high and rapidly program controller device to created and bring better industrial processes.


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