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More Understand ControlLogix Control System 5580 Controllers Feature in higher degree of communication application for various degree of automation system

ControlLogix Control System is one of The Rockwell and Allen Bradley PLC product offerings. Not like the older PLCs, ControlLogix Control System includes more advanced features that are not available in the older PLC 5 or SLC 500 families of PLCs. ControlLogix works based on a 32-bit computer and can be programmed in four different programming languages including Ladder Logic, SFC (Sequential Function Chart), Structured Text and Function Block Diagram. ControlLogix can almost handle to most modern automated system.

This time we are going to discuss about the newest Rockwell Automation and Allen Bradley ControlLogix 5580 controllers. The controllers are designed with the more advanced technology and use the Studio 5000 automation Engineering & Design Environment. This is aimed for the high speed motion applications. Overall, ControlLogix 5580 controllers are addressed to meet the fast growing demands of smart machines and equipment for manufacturing. The aspects improved are including performance, capacity, security and productivity. Then these controllers are ideal for applications that require I/O, Motion control for up to 256 axes, and high-performance communications.

ControlLogix Control System 5580
ControlLogix Control System 5580 by

ControlLogix 5580 controllers provides a scalable controller solutions addressed to handle a large amount of I/O points. It can be placed into any slot of ControlLogix I/O chassis between multiple controllers in the same chassis. The controllers also have built in Ethernet port for the direct connection to the Ethernet-enabled devices and networks.

ControlLogix 5580 Controllers Features

The controller tasks are based on the 32 tasks with 1000 program/task and no-limit local I/O event triggers. 5580 controllers also come with built-in communication ports including 1 port USB and embedded Ethernet port. The USB port communications are including USB 2.0, Full Speed 12 Mbps port. User can define the Ethernet performance form 10, 100, or 1000 Mbps. Then they can select the communication options of Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, Data Highway Plus, DeviceNet, Remote I/O, SynchLink, or other third party process and device networks.

Whichever, with 156-L83E or 176-L85E, when using 5580 controller, you will get up to 45% capacity including 1 Gb embedded Ethernet port of high-speed communication, I/O and motion control. The controllers also include controller-based change detection and logging, role-based access control for extra security and digitally-signed controller firmware. The display provided allows users to make easy diagnostics and troubleshooting.

What’s new to the ControlLogix 5580 Controller?

The new 1756 slim power supplies is a form of innovation to reduce the space requirement. It is now possible to apply the controller in the limited space. The reduction is up to 29% in width. In addition to that, the new 1756 power supplies features as follows:
  1. Supports to all 1756 series B and C chassis (both standard and XT chassis)
  2. Unobstructed mounting feature with cable tie-down mechanism
  3. Mounting clearance
  4. Support to a wide range of voltage requirements


All the features and benefits of the ControlLogix 5580 controllers are suitable for applications of more modern industry requirements. The wide range of communication function included, it is possible to make a higher degree of communication application for various degree of automation system.


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