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Dematic RFID Application to determine the precise locations and giving inventory and material flow control for Open and Closed Loop Systems

The open and closed loop systems offered by Dematic is the form of their wide range of RFID solutions. The extensive uses including the tracking of high-value assets in the field to give assistance in both stock and location control. User still can give additional information like maintenance history to enhance the field operations, safety and maintenance.

In the open loop systems, the disposable tags can be used for track and trace goods via the supply chain. It is including temperature controlled operations and more. The RFID tagging will give benefits to determine the precise locations and giving inventory and material flow control.

Dematic RFID Application
Dematic RFID Application by

There are various RFID applications offered by Dematic, which several products are explained as below.


This is the UHF Long Range RFID Reader built-in with GPRS. It combines of the RFID reading performance and communication capabilities and computing power that result a powerful device for portal applications. It support up to 4 antennas and network interfaces. The Ion is suitable for complex AutoID scenarios, where the information can be gained and fed directly to the reader from multiple sources like GPS, barcode readers and more.


This is the UHF RFID USB or Bluetooth reader. It is for short to medium range applications which has already integration to the UHF multi-region RFID reader. It can be operated in moth wired mode via USB cable or through wireless via Bluetooth interface.

The Bluetooth interface for R1240I is a perfect additional device to enable host PC, PDA or Smartphone for UHF RFID readings.

CAEN RFID R1260I Slate

CAEN RFID R1260I Slate is a multi-region UHG RFID reader comes with antenna. The device is for short to medium range of applications. What make it standout of the competitors, it has outstanding core component called by new CAEN RFID Quark module, the smallest and lowest power consumption module you can find on the market.


The RT0005 is the RFID temperature logger tag. It is a perfect device to achieve maximum track and trace solution for the cold chain industry. Technically, it is a semi-passive UHF logger tag functioned to monitor temperature sensitive items like pharmaceuticals or perishable foods products while in the transportation or storage. The device equipped with high resolution sensor and large memory with standard RFID interface to make sure of its effectiveness on tracking and tracing.


Dematic offers a wide range of application of RFID reader in the various types of requirements including short and long range of applications. This device has important function to determine the precise locations and giving inventory and material flow control for Open and Closed Loop Systems. The four mentioned above just the example of the application of RFID offered by Dematic. There are many other best applications using the RFID technology for other various types of applications like HID In Tag RFID transponders, HID Iron Tag transponder, Intermec IF61 Enterprise Reader and many more.


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