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Westermo Industrial Router for Use in Various Demanding Applications in fulfilling the requirement of secure and reliable communication as well as remote networks

Westermo offers multiple media solutions for accessing various remote networks. The whole range of industrial routers offered is suited for demanding applications like water treatment, substation automation, tunnels, roads and railways. These are given via ADSL or VDSL broadband, wireless 3G (HSDPA, HSUPA, and UMTS) or GPRS technologies. All the access solutions give to make sure your remote sites are reliable and resilient. Not forgetting the security are armed with a powerful firewall to avoid the unauthorized access. Again, the wireless solutions are designed to fit for any industrial application.

Westermo Industrial Router
Westermo Industrial Router by

Westermo Layer 3 Switches

One of the Westermo superiority is in providing a rugged industrial switch. In addition for ease in mind of application, it provides the enhanced routing functionality with single unit design. The switches offer static routing, DMZ, a powerful firewall and IPSec VPN support in order to split networks and protect mission-critical data. Don’t worry about the Internet threats, as it already equipped with NAT and port-forwarding.

There are up to twenty four models offered answering to your remote access requirements. You can start look around to the Lynx DSS, L208-F2G-S2 for the most compact and lowest power consumption layer 3 industrial Ethernet switch to the Viper-212-T3G for a managed 12 port routing switch which ideal for the rail vehicle market. All the products are enhanced with the Westermo WeOS operating system that provides an extensive suite of IP networking standard. It allows the resilient, reliable and flexible networks to be created that meet the highest standard for various types of applications.

Secure Wireless Routing

For industrial remote access, Westermo provides secure wireless routing using GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, or HSUPA connection. The reliable communications can be done as it support for secure VPN communications, dynamic and static IP routing, NAT, and other features.

Broadband DSL Feature

Broadband DSL router is among the trend for secure remote access with the support of ADSL and VDSL broadband technologies. As we see that more and more telephone lines are now supporting ADSL and VDSL technologies. In that course the range of Westermo industrial broadband routers also adopted the system.

Serial Technologies for Robust Routing

For the in use with legacy technologies like PSTN telephone lines, serial RS-232/422 protocols, as well as leased lines. Then if you need to make dial-up access to the remote networks through GSM/ISDN, PSTN, or LAN to Local Area Network connections via a leased line, fortunately Westermo Ethernet routers already support for the NAT (Network Address Translation) and port-forwarding. So, you can obtain the reliable and secure communications.


Fulfilling the requirement of secure and reliable communication as well as remote networks, Westermo offers wide range application routers for industrial remote access. The technology already suited for various demanding applications. You need only to select your preference to do remote access using ADSL or VDSL broadband as well as using wireless 3G or GPRS technologies.


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