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RFID Switches, the non-contact safety switches that offer more flexible options for maximum safety solutions

Wieland Electric Inc. is one of a leading global manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnects technology. The manufacturer has introduced the application of the new RFID Switches to the product family of sensorPRO contactless safety switches (STS Series). The new RFID-coded sensors are now available to enhance a more flexible protection against unauthorized access or manipulation for machine operators and equipment. Through this breakthrough, the manufacturer believes it will be an amazing addition to their safety solutions.

RFID Switches
RFID Switches by

Today, there are various coding options to allow machine design engineers to attain enhanced safety, tamper resistance and fulfillment with the new ISO 14119 coding level requirements.

Introduction to the STS Series RFID Switches

In the Wieland Electric product lineups the RFID Switches sensor PRO STS is non contact safety switches with coding. This type of safety switches feature maximum manipulation protection used for monitoring the position of machine parts and the position of doors. It is also used for switches of isolating protective devices. It comes with integrated evaluation and built-in manipulation protection.

RFID Switches STS Series has individual coding features for optimum manipulation protection with up to 30 sensors can be cascaded or in wired series. In addition it still can be employed as stand-alone safety switches as well.  It also comes with LED and semiconductor output for diagnostics. Switching distance is up to 8 / 10 mm. In ensuring the device’s reliability for use in the extreme environment, it has already certified with protection class IP67 / IP69K; the protection for use in harsh environments including high temperature and high pressure.

When it comes to the field installation, the different applications require different solutions to the existing manipulation protection. Basically safety switches from the STS series are differentiating into 3 coding options. The Unique coding exclusively accepts input signals from its factory-paired actuator. The Fully-Coded is programmed to accept input from a specific STS actuator. The Coded variation is can accept input from any STS actuator.

The New RFID Switches, the more flexible non-contact safety switches

The new RFID Switches enrich the STS series to the more flexible non-contact safety switches with coding. Keep maintaining the powerful features of the STS series, the new RFID-enabled STS series also come with 3 options of safety switches: Unique, Fully-Coded and Coded. The new feature offered including the integrated stand-alone control logic with an integrated reset/EDM input as well as sizeable 400mA short-circuit-proof OSSD outputs. A 3-color LED display is part of the enhancement that offers extensive visual diagnostic capabilities.


In the lineup of sensorPRO STS Series non-contact safety switches with coding, the RFID-enabled new models offer more flexible options for maximum safety solutions. The STS series with RFID technology offers the enhanced safety, new ISO 14119 coding level and tamper resistance.
Finally, we can conclude that the non-contact safety switches from the STS series already improved with RFID technology for monitoring the position of doors, and the position of machine parts and switches of isolating protective devices. The device offers a high-class of protection system with rich features and functionality.


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