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The Benefits and Features Siemens UMTS SCALANCE M875 Router Remote Applications for Industrial Remote Communication

Siemens has developed efficient Industrial Remote Communication access to plants, mobile applications and machines. Answering to the vastly improved technology, globalization, climate change and population growth, the need of leading automation remote applications offers an enhanced industrial remote communication rather than the traditional Telecontrol or Teleservice solutions. The traditional solution Telecontrol only requires permanent or spontaneous connection with low bandwidth and optimized data throughout. Then Teleservice also need the sporadic connection with medium bandwidth requirements. Collated to both, the further application for remote communication such as video transmission, smart grid application and conditioning monitoring require a more flexible condition. It is required permanent or spontaneous connections, low to high bandwidth, stationary or mobile applications.

Industrial Remote Communication
Industrial Remote Communication by w3.siemens.com

Those why the bandwidth-hungry applications require the high bandwidth enabled by the new transmission Industrial Remote Communication technologies and radio standards. In this segment Siemens’s introduces the product family SCALANCE M – Industrial routers.

Highlights of the Industrial Remote Communication UMTS SCALANCE M875 Router

UMTS SCALANCE M875 router comes with integrated security functions like Firewall, VPN with IPSec. Antenna variety is provided to form a robust radio transmission. It comes with approval for use in the public transportation (conforming to EN50155). The extended use of the router can be applied in the temperature range from -30 degrees to +75 degrees Celsius. The using the right technologies, the new applications for Industrial Remote Communication are wide opening up in various field of industries like transportation, power distribution, power generation, and building management.

These are the example of Industrial Remote Communication UMTS SCALANCE M875 router application in various fields of industries:

Video Transmission from Trains

The higher bandwidth supported by the router makes possible to conduct real time video transfer form the passenger room in the transportation’s compartment. It can increase the passenger safety. In addition, the router can also be applied on other services like Internet on board, vehicle technology monitoring (telemetry), data connection of ticket machines and infotainment services.

Smart Grid Management

SCALANCE M875 also used in the field of smart grid management. Using this distribution and local network stations are increased automatically and becoming inter-networked. SCALANCE M875 continuously determines the status data with the bandwidth optimized transmitted to one or more central control centers.

Building Monitoring

Because monitoring the plants, buildings or other security-sensitive properties are very challenging task, it is required the new UMTS router like SCALANCE M875. This new router gives possibilities to centralize the building monitoring. It allows the data interfacing for access control, online monitoring and event-controlled individual image transmission through video cameras.

The Benefits of Remote Applications for Industrial Remote Communication

Siemens’s has continuously opening new opportunities for remote communication over remote networks enhanced by increases in bandwidth and all-new solution concepts. Siemens with Industrial Remote Communication offers a comprehensive range of components and systems for remote applications.


Finally, with the Siemens Industrial Remote Communication users will already go to the more efficient remote access to various field applications. Beneath the product family of SCALANCE M industrial routers, users can combine any existing components and systems into the more outstanding solutions of remote applications.


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