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Siemens Rugged Communication, Right Communication Device To Operated In Robust And Hars Environement

Industrial site and manufacturing plant sometimes has been build at the place that had unstable terain and suround with wild environment. It was something that common in the industrial principle that had to follow the resource and also materials which they processed become kind of product.

Due to the fact, it is something that commonly known by the industrial supported device manufactured to developed and created something that used to deserve for industries and industrial intention that had to operated they manufacturing plants suround with hars, unstable and robust environment.

Siemens Rugged Communication

And also with the automation solution device that needed by industries who  belonging their business process among that situation. They want to build kind of automation solution which can  accomodate their purposes. Every parts and device has to be deserve with that condition, of course.

By the time, the automation solution has been developed for the industrial kindness. It was go thru one to the other side of industrial intention. And so with the networking and communication function that also need to be developed more. It is a challenge for the industrial device developer which try to belonging the industrial purposes.

One that involved with that challenge was SIEMENS, the world class telco manufacturer which developep rugged communication for industrial kindness. Here in this article we would go further more with SIEMENS Rugged communication and several types where it deserves to operated.

Strong Design, Great Feature, More Benefits For Users

Many models that was developed by SIEMENS used for Rugged Communication products type. It was something that would be great to choose depend on what the industries needed. Here in this subchapter we take the three of it as the sample information;

  2. It was great model of Rugged communication which had technical feature such as; 10 Mbit/s-100 Mbit/s data transfer rate, compact design,build with 21 AWG galvanized steel enclosure materials, which had 58 mm Width, 109 mm height, and 94 mm depth as the dimension ratio. This model was kind of light weight model with only, 0,68Kg product weight.

  4. This product use the PoE power remote devices using standard Cat5 cable to provides the flexibility data converging and power onto a single cable. This was compatible with 802.3at high power PoE standard and compatible backwards with 802.3af PoE devices low power. The Substation Rated around IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613, with operating temperature  around -40 to +85 celius with no fans Panel or DIN mounting. Otherwise it was designing with Lightweight Cast Aluminum Enclosure.

  6. This product was describly as Speed Converterand 2 Port Ethernet Media, which provides media conversion andboth copper-to-fiber with around 10Mbps to 100Mbps speed conversion. The 2-Ethernet Ports with consist of Optional Dual Fiber Optics such as 1 port 10/100TX + 1 port 100FX (SC/ST),  or Multimode and Singlemode operating models.

    Every SIEMENS Rugged Communication, was developed under the advance of highly experience expert which was design to operated as the supported in high and robust risk industries such as, transportation, electric power based industries and so with oil and gas corporation.


Developed of industrial device supported, has dare the SIEMENS to offered many product to support the industries in any aspect and industrial department which can bring kindness and increasing the industrial productivities had to operated they manufacturing plants suround with hars, unstable and robust environment.  One of SIEMENS product which need by the industries was the Siemens Rugged Communication device.


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