Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An Overview Of Four Big Industrial Automation System Companies In Uea

The United Emirates Arab (UEA) has been playing for the significant role in promoting the use of industrial automation system that increases the productivity and profitability in certain company.

The emergence of some industrial automation system companies in UEA is considered as the result of the development of the technology in the world so that some big companies have implemented such automated system in manufacturing the goods due to its advantages. Below are some of the five big industrial automation companies in UEA that contributes to the development of automation system in the world.

industrial automation system companies

1. Metro Mac
Metro Mac is one of the industrial automation system companies based in UEA that engages with marine, oil and gas and power and utility industries. Established in 1985, Metro Mac has been providing the solutions and supports towards the industrial companies to answer the challenging problem dealing with industrial automation. This company also provides the better service in relating with calibration of the automated systems that use the international standards such as UKAS, NKO and NIST.

2. ODASCO Automation System LLC
Based in Dubai, ODASCO Automation System LLC belongs to one of the industrial automation system companies that focuses on various fields such as water, oil, gas and many other industries that implement the automated system in manufacturing. This company also dedicates itself to serve the customers with the competitive prices and maximum efficiency in automation system and has some branches spread throughout UEA.

3. ANG Automation Solutions FZCO
In addition to some of the mentioned automation industries above, ANG Automation Solutions FZCO also becomes the industrial automation system companies that has been long experienced in dealing with water, waste water and oil and gas industries, as well. Based in Dubai, this automation company engages with the installation, integration, design, etc towards the industrial system. Besides, this company is also supported with some experienced staffs and professionals that have been engaging with many sophisticated automation systems produced by some outstanding companies such as Rockwell, Siemens and so on.

4. Ace Automation LCC
Based in Dubai, Ace Automation LCC is one of the industrial automation system companies that specialize in hydraulic power packs. This company offers some products that will be integrated with the automation in hydraulic powers such as valves, filter system, accumulators and many more. Like many automation industries, Ace Automation LCC also provides the consultation, installation and maintenance either on location or in workplace.

Apart form India, The United Emirates Arab is also the headquarters of many industrial automation system companies that contributes to the development of automation system in some industrial companies.

Some of the industrial automation system companies mentioned above have their own features in products and services. The implementation of the automation systems in company is expected to reduce the human error, tax, and operating costs.


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