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ACE3600 Motorolla Remote Terminal Unit Products Specification and How to solve more complex processes suported with robust, reliable and trusted automation solution

The era of an automation solution in industrial technology control process has been come. It was need an aims by the industries itself to prepare their automation and monitoring solution and technolgies, which can solve more complex processes, and also suported with robust, reliable and trusted automation solution device and technology, which can connected across vary of data processing protocols and also the communication media.

Motorolla Remote Terminal Unit
Motorolla Remote Terminal Unit
by www.motorolasolutions.com

This fact is also as the answer of industrial challenge and needed. There are so many industrial automation solution developer and manufacturer, which go in pursue to create, developed and produced better Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), also opened an offered to many manufacturer around the world. There are so many named, and of popular and famous named was Motorolla, which is offered the ACE3600 Motorolla Remote Terminal Unit. And here in this article we would go further more in term of that device capabilities focusing in specification and beneficial act for the users installation kindnees.

Modular Design To Fit And Solve Complexity In Monitoring And Controling Tasks

The first idea bring by Motorolla to offered this RTU unit was to help the industries in term of solving the complex thing within the monitoring and controlling tasks, especially when it operate with many of PLC SCADA unit integratedly. Than to realize that idea, Motorolla has been fit this RTU unit with several feature which can be a great for the users intention. And here are that acknowledgement;

  1. Real-Time Processing Power in High-Performance
  2. ACE3600’s has been provides accurate data analysis and communication as well as the processing power features. It was happen for the most critical demanding SCADA applications. That feature was come up to ensure optimal operation of 32-bit processor that was running at 200 MHz.

  3. Critical RedundancyOperations Feature
  4. With only simple Ethernet interconnection, ACE3600 can also be redundantly configured. That feature was build in to ensures continuous operation, if one CPU or power supply was error or fail.

  5. Large Scale Unit Capacity
  6. Build in to operated within almost24 different types of I/O modules. Every Motorolla ACE3600 RTU, has build in capacity that can support up to 110 I/O modules. That would bring flexibility to configure large or small sites, that also can bring compactivness and effectives in operating cost would be happen.

  7. Versatile Connection, Across Many of Operational Technologies
  8. TheACE3600has been designed as extensive common data protocol support combined with MDLC protocol, that would bring great and easy operation in different of conection types.

  9. Rich with Features of security Set
  10. The ACE3600 secure system has been supported several security sets, such as; built-in firewall, role-based access controls,security enforcement policy, intrusion detection system, application control software, access control, unused port deactivation, time-window commands and also the encryption.


Motorolla Remote Terminal Unit is kind of RTU device which can operated integrated with several PLC SCADA device, simultanously. It was besides of the rich features, this kind of RTU device has been prepared to solve high complexity and tasks, and also suported with robust, reliable and trusted automation solution in term of industrial automation solution.


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