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SIEMENS Simatic S7-400 System, Product Types, Features with special capabilities that was intended to meet industrial kindness

The industries today has been come with several aspect of automation solution and technology which apply in many range of industrial departement. From the floor, until the chain mechanism production has been supported with the automation solution especially in PLC device used.

There are many of manufacture which go in pursue to create and developed better and reliable PLC or Automation Solution technology device which can be used for the industrial automation solution kindness. Many named, also several of manufacture has been involved with this range of competition, indeed.

One of world class automation solution and technology manufacture which has been involved with the competition in automation solution mass sales and marketplace is SIEMENS. With Simatic S7-400 System, SIEMENS has been try to shown their capabilities as automation solution and technology providers that have great reputation in this field itself.

Siemens Simatic S7-400 System
Siemens Simatic S7-400 System

There are at least three types of SIEMENS Simatic S7-400 System that offered to the industrial market as powerfull solution in range of industrial PLC devices marketplace. The type of  Simatic S7-400 System PLC’s families, was go with several named such as; S7-400 that was designed as ideal PLC’s to apply at solution for kind of tasks in the high-end to mid performance ranges, S7-400H, which knowing as ideal PLC,s device to meet with many areas of automation solution and technology.

Also theS7-400F/FH that was suitable to apply as fail-safe automation system to preserve and increasing the safety requirement point in the industrial field and industrial plantation. With this following articles we would go further more with each of SIEMENS Simatic S7-400 System.

Many Types of SIEMENS Simatic S7-400 System, Each was Designed To Bring Kindness For The Industrial Automation Systems

Every SIEMENS Simatic S7-400 System devices has been created and offered to the industrial marketplace with high level of QC, standards. Each of the device was design with speciallity and features, and here are the following informations:

  1. Simatic S7-400
  2. It was designed as the power PLC for thehigh-end to mid performance ranges, which can be suitable for kind of these industries; mechanical equipment manufactured, automotive industry, e.g. assembly lines, steel industry and also warehousing technology. As that functional fields, these PLC’s has been completed with following feature such as; 120/230 V AC or 24 V DC supply voltage, integral profibus DP with different CPUs, analog (AI/AO) input/output and digital (DI/DO), bus connection and point-to-point connections.

  3. Simatic S7-400H
  4. These model has been consist with following components, such as; 2 central controllers, either 2 separate UR1/UR2 central controllers, 2 areas on one divided central controller (UR2-H), Single CPU 414-5H, One CPU 412-5H, One CPU 416-5H or One CPU 417-5H per central controller, central controllers S7-400 I/O modules in the ER1/ER2/UR1/UR2 expansion units and ET 200M distributed I/O devices with I/O modules.

  5. Simatic S7-400F/FH
  6. These model has been flexible to configuring depend on users purposes, which can be configure as single-channel, one-sided I/O for S7-400F and or single-channel, switched I/O for S7-400FH. The S7-400F has been requires a fail-safe controller, that consist of these following requirement 1 CPU 414-4H/417-4H with F-Runtime license, 1 PROFIBUS DP line, ET 200M with IM 153-2, and so with S7-400FH has been designed with such of this requirement; 2 PROFIBUS DP lines, 2 CPU 414-4H/417-4H with F-Runtime license, 1 ET 200M with 2 IM 153-2 (redundant), and also the fail-safe signal modules in non-redundant design.


SIEMENS Simatic S7-400 System is kind of device systems which created by SIEMENS automation solution as the part of the industrial automation solution providing service, which offered with severa types such as Simatic S7-400, Simatic S7-400H and also the Simatic S7-400F/FH, each was designed with special capabilities also the following requirement that was intended to meet with industrial kindness.


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