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Motorolla Ace Remote Terminal Unit, Product Acknoledgement, Feature and Beneficial Aspects

Remote Terminal Unit or RTU is one of specific device unit which needed to control and monitoring whole of automation solution sytems chain processes. RTU has been needed in several field which has been operating their business system with real automation solution and technologies, commonly known was operated in widely business model, from the industries until the public safety and emergency services.

Due to that fact, RTU SCADA is needed by many industrial fields. Nowadays there are several of manufacture producesd device and console developer, which go in pursue to developed and producing better RTU to be offered publicy.

Motorolla Ace Remote Terminal Unit

One of world class automation solution and technology provider was Motorolla, that alreade recognized as one of manufacture in telco class world widely. Motorolla has been spread out their business wings to reach the standard of better automation solution providers.

With Motorolla Ace Remote Terminal Unit, Motorolla try to prove their capabities as world class telco company. At this time, through this article we would go further more with Motorolla Ace Remote Terminal Unit in term of the product acknoledgement, features and user beneficial aspects.

The Real Key InterfacesTo Reach The World Of Monitoring And Control Points

By the world of industries, Motorolla ACE RTU has been recognized and remarkable as powerfull and high quality product. It was fully reasonable because of several features which has been brought by this RTU device unit. What feature it was? And here are they:
  1. Manufactured and designed specific for SCADA applications, focusing in using at the hardest environments.
  2. Specifically designed for operating in high performance radio.
  3. Customized with a modular design solutions and expandability.
  4. User friendly, as the device abilities to replaceable components easily.
  5. Product line including CPU, power supplies, communication links, processing, and many others was cover with Multiple Redundancy options.
  6. IV&D, repeater, MotoTrbo, trunked radio, wireless broadband, IP radios, leased radio, digital conventional and trunked radio, spread spectrum also others Multiple wireless communication options capabilities included conventional radio.

Other side, this device has communications capabilities with such of multiple wired, including USB, Ethernet, RS485, RS232, Fiber and others. To make this more powerfull, this supporting parts has supported this product:
  1. Power supply options from 12-264VAC/DC ranging without or with optional battery charger supported.
  2. 6.5ah, 10ah battery backup options complete included.
  3. Easy to user programing, with STS (System Tool Suite) software.
  4. OTR (Over The Air) programing and configuring with any RTU access to others RTU units, through wired or wireless link accessed.

All of that features, was bring and build in one single unit compact ACE RTU that prepared and provide as users beneficial act. Such of features has been made this RTU unit become powerfull communication RTU besides a compact RTU unit device.


Motorolla Ace Remote Terminal Unit has been designed and producing as one of the part of the real world monitoring and control points key interfaces across the system. This RTU unit that produced by Motorolla has completed with several key features, each of them created and supported to bring better processed in automation technologies and solution. Otherwise it was created, design and build as powerfull RTU unit device which provides to serve any industrial and business fields intention.


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