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The Benefits and Features of SIPART PS2 Process Instrumentation Positioners for All  Condition that can handle a wide spectrum of specific challenges optimally

In the field of industries, measuring and controlling, Process Instrumentation Positioners had an important part in whole of industrial business process. From the range of manufacturing until the business process of big oil, gas and petroleum mining. The range of accuracing also the precision aspect in measuring had been taking a big contribution in the name of successfull business process.

Due to that reason there are so many business and manufacture organization has been updated their utilities, device, engine and other panel and Process Instrumentation Positioners which is controlling the working process under the automation solution and also with the process instrumentation positioner device, all in single purpose to increase the productivity and so to bring better, and reliable business process.

Process Instrumentation Positioners
Process Instrumentation Positioners by

In this article we would go further more with the feature, detail information and beneficial act one of process instrumentation positioners product that come from one of world class automation solution developer called Process Instrumentation Positioners SIEMENS SIPART PS2.

The Benefits of Compact Positioner for Users, Feature And Product Information

Designing and build with NEMA 4x protection or IP66 this positioner device was bring the durability in operating even in unstable environment. Not only that, SIPART PS2 has come as the most integrated diverse communication landscapes, it was indicated by the capabilities of this device by means the PROFIBUS PA, HART protocolsor Foundation Fieldbus.

That capabilities was come as the impact of the several features such as; 0/4–20 mA with or without  PROFIBUS PA 3.02 or HART 7, Foundation Fieldbus protocol ITK 6.0 with Link Active Schedular (LAS) Function as the Setpoint signal, again with 3 to 130 mm range of stroke can convert with larger strokes on request.

Capabilities of this compact positioners doesn’t stop with that, it was completed with 30° to 100° angle of rotation range, -30 °C to +80 °Cambient temperature that can be converted to other range of temperature by the request of user order, moreover it can operated in class 2 to ISO 8573-1air quality requirement, and < 0.036 m3n/h max, air consumption in the controlled state.

All Process Instrumentation Positioners features was integrated to bring many beneficial for users such as; IP66 or NEMA 4x protectionas standard design, with optionally available: Makrolon, aluminum or stainless steel enclosure, flameproof aluminum version, comes with intelligent diagnostics functionality, compact booster option, fail in place and fail-safe functions, ambient operating temperature down to -40 °C and up to +80 °C.


SIPART PS2 was process instrumentation positioners made by SIEMENS, which can bring many of beneficial act in installation. Otherwise this compact positioner process instrumentation was designing, building and offered to the market as  multi-talent that can handle a wide spectrum of specific challenges optimally. It was come as widely used positioner for part-turn or linear actuators in an extremely diverse range of industrial process. It was included with intelligent diagnostics that can optionally communicate using Foundation Fieldbus ITK 6.0, HART 7 or PROFIBUS PA 3.02


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