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Use SIWAREX CS, SIWAREX WP521 ST / WP522 ST PLC Based Weighing Modules as Optimum Solution to measure load, also level as well as  the weight even Work In Hazardous Locations

There are many device that needed by the industries, one of it was the PLC Based Weighing Modules. PLC Based Weighing Modules was kind of device that measure load, also level as well as  the weight, and at the same time sent the output data to the PLC, as the primary function.

Of course, this is an important device which is can be one of the part to integrated and work systemic with the PLC’s. Nowadays there are several manufacture or automation solution provider which was offered their product to the market. One of biggest name was SIEMENS with they master product called, SIWAREX CS and SIWAREX WP521 ST / WP522 ST PLC Based Weighing Modules. Here in this article we would go further more with the product information, features and the instalation benefits.

PLC Based Weighing Modules
PLC Based Weighing Modules by

PLC Based Weighing Modules is Optimum Solution Even Work In Hazardous Locations

As the answer in the industrial challenge, SIEMENS was never stop to bring the inovation for the industrial kindness. With bringing both of SIWAREX CS and SIWAREX WP521 ST / WP522 ST PLC Based Weighing Modules to the industrial automation solution market. Here are the specification, feature and beneficial act for every products.

  2. These weighing modules has completed with several features such as; S7-400, S7-300, C7, IM151-7 CPU automation systems integration through ET 200S respectively backplane bus, SIMATIC S7 (ET 200S backplane bus), RS 232, TTY communication interfaces, 0,05 error limit to DIN 1319-1 of full-scale value at 20 °C ± 10 K device tolerance, 65535 internal resolution, 50 number of measurements/second, ATEX 95, FM, cULUS Haz. Loc ex approvals zone 2 and safety.

    Those features has been created and brought by the device to provides users with several benefits such as, capabilities to read extensive diagnostic , simple parameter definition with the SIWATOOL CS program, theoretical adjustment without adjustment weights, also exchanged the modules.

  4. Almost same with the sequel device, these weighing modules from SIEMENS has been offerd with several capabilities such as, basic scales, e.g. platform and hopper scales application type, can be integrated with SIMATIC S7-1500 (central or distributed with ET200MP) and or Other Systems via Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP, on board communication interfaces consist of; SIMATIC S7-1500 system bus and Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP,SIWATOOL), 4x digital outputs (24V DC) per channel.

    This device is designed and built totally in the name of users kindness that can bring beneficial aspect such as, Uniform structure and universal communication through the integration in SIMATIC S7-1500, Integrated part of TIA portal, Resolution of up to +/- 4 million parts, Measurement rate of 100/120 Hz (effective interference suppression), Automatic impedance control of the load cells, process and diagnostic alarms, HMI panel or PC possible, Direct use in hazardous zone 2 and Integration of platform- and hopper scales.

    In the other hand, this device has been created and design with simply primary idea of creating and designing strong, reliable, and robbust PLC Based Weighing Modules, all of the SIEMENS weighing modules has developed under the expert and practitioner in weighing and mass scale disclipine, of course.


There are many modules developer also with the automation solution provider which has been served the world of industries. But SIEMENS still one of world class automation solution which can bring better way in PLC Based Weighing Modules developer with offered SIEMENS SIWAREX Weighing Modules product families as Optimum Solution to measure load, also level as well as  the weight even Work In Hazardous Locations.


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