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The Function and Benefits of Remote Position Detection – Siemens SIPART PS2 to control the failures during operation within industries

Answering to the needs of the positioned with remote position detection, SIPART PS2 was built with a compact and modular design that make it standout for the use in the difficult-to-access environment like in the extreme vibrations, temperatures, valves and in the water influence environments. SIPART PS2 offers the option for individual remote position detection. The Non Contacting Sensor reliably and precisely detects the current position of a valve on the basis of the giant magneto resistance (GMR) effect with the application of the magnetic field lines. Collated to the traditionally models with methods based on the field strength, the GMR technology offers further advantages including greater distance between sensor and magnets. SIPART PS2 meets the compliance IP68 protection degree of the NCS and wear-free NCS. This compact design allows the brilliant mounting solutions when it reaches the limits.

SIPART PS2 is now widely applied for remote position detection for linear as well as part-turn actuators in various fields of industries. It already proven all around including functioned optionally to communicate using HART 7, PROFIBUS PA 3.02 and Foundation Fieldbus ITK 6.0. In the dialog with the host systems, this remote positioned can be integrated to the most different communication landscapes (PROFIBUS PA, HART protocols, or Foundation Fieldbus). Extending to these functions, then SIMATIC PDM can be applied to be clearly display and document saved histograms, trend values, commissioning and operating data.

Remote Position Detection
Remote Position Detection by

The diagnostics functions also included as the standard operational procedures. It is very important to give warning to the operation failures. The positioned will be permanently check the valve and actuator. The example of the diagnostic function is the Valve Performance Test (VPT). Using this technique the valve can be checked regularly and can be accessed during a planned plant standstill.

Benefits of SIPART PS2

  1. NCS (Non-Contacting Sensor)
  2. For non contacting sensor, SIPART PS2 comes as standard with IP68 degree of protection. For that, it is resistant to permanent shocks and vibrations. Then, it can be used in the extreme field application with temperature influence. On dosing valve, it is very suitable because of its compact design sensor.

  3. External Position Detection System
  4. For the external position detection system, it gives simple access to the positioned for valves which are very difficult to access in instance for checking of control function and parameter assignment. The compact mounting sets gives simple mounting of the position detection system.

  5. EMC Filter Module
  6. EMC filter module is for connection of position detection system for non-hazardous applications as position detection signal. The filter is also for connection of position detection systems with a resistance of 0 to 10 kOhm.


SIPART PS2 Remote Position Detection is outstanding with amazing features like non-contacting sensor, external position detection system and EMC filter module. Its degree of protection standard meets to the diverse application in the very hard environment to access with temperature influence. The essential part of the positioner is the intelligent diagnostics system that allowing for various communication purpose. The diagnostic functions give benefits to control the failures during operation within industries.


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