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Product Specification of SIMATIC MV420 and SIMATIC MV440, SIEMENS Stationary Optical Readers that having capilities as reliably capture printed on a variety of different surfaces

Stationary optical readers has remarkably and reknown by the world of industries as the part of the automation solution system. It was kind of device which laterally known had capabilities as reliably capture printed, lasered, drilled, dot-peen and punched codes on a variety of different surfaces. Otherwise with a simple word it was knowing as the device which is being the parts of big system of automation solution module, that can recognized object.

By that idea, the stationary optical readers used and functioning as the object identifically device in a whole aspect of automation solution chain mechanism. Nowadays there are lots of named of stationary optical readers developers or manufacture which made and developing devices.

Stationary Optical Readers
Stationary Optical Readers by

One of famous named, which was trusted and used by industries around the world was SIEMENS automation technology manufacture which had producing Stationary Optical Readers for the industrial automation solution purposes called SIMATIC MV420 and SIMATIC MV440. Here in this article we would go further more with the product information, features aspect and also beneficial aspect in term of users kindness.

Reading On Smallest Room, Or 1D And 2D Codes Compact Reader, Every Device Made with Single Capabilities Focused

There are a lots of manufacture which knowingly made automation solution parts device with several capabilities in single device. It was two-edged idea, one side has come with compact capabilities, that such a good thing, also the other side has often need more in operating cost.

With they product, SIEMENS shown they willingness and serve the industrial market with better way, and more optional device for specific function. Here are the two of SIEMENS  stationary optical readers product information.

  1. SIMATIC MV420
  2. This stationary optical readers model, has been designed and created as high-performance reading code device which can be operated on smallest room. To realize that idea, SIEMENS has completed this device with several feature which can bring lots of benefits for users kindness, such as; compact design model with IP67 degree of protection, auto trigger image recording without external triggers, 752 X 480 various device variants resolutions which can set up by the users independently or 1024 X 768 pixels connection of external lighting, with high reading speed interfaces PROFINET IO, Ethernet or RS232 PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET via ASM module, and so the mixed mode is possible with RFID and MV420 on the same communication module.

  3. SIMATIC MV440
  4. Designing with compact design with IP67 as standard degree of protection, completed with various device variants such as; resolutions 640 x 480, 1024 x 768 or 1600 x 1200 pixels,with connection of external lighting, optional verification and high reading speed, with up to 80 codes per second capabilities,also comes up with up to 14 code types can be stored,come as multi-code reading which can read up to 50 codes in the field of vision. Those beneficial features has made this stationary optical readers made by SIEMENS as 1D and 2D codes compact reader.


Having good reputation as world class manufacture in automation solution provider, SIEMENS has created SIMATIC MV420 and SIMATIC MV440 stationary optical readers to the industrial automation solution user around the world. This device was designed and creating with unique and specific tension and having smallest Room High-Performance Code Reading capabilities for SIMATIC MV420, and 1D and 2D Codes Compact Reader capabilities for SIMATIC MV440. For many years It has known had capabilities as reliably capture printed, lasered, drilled, dot-peen and punched codes on a variety of different surfaces.


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