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Take Benefits Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) CERT applied for the selection in the use of indoor or outdoor applications to cut the maintenance and operation costs

Set CEM CERT is designed to meet the standard and certified of continuous emission monitoring system. It is very suitable in the application for plants that need to comply with European legislation including IED 2010/75/EC, 2000/76/EC, 2001/80/EC, 30.BlmSchV, 27.BlmSchV, TA-Luft, 13. BlmSchV, and 17.BlmSchV. The innovative continuous emission monitoring system already made to meet the standards of EU directives EN 14956, EN 14181 and EN 15267. The modular measuring equipment is structured of the SIPROCESS UV600, ULTRAMAT 23, sampling probe, heated sample gas line, a gas pump, the multi-component analyzers, and a two stage sample gas cooler. This device used for indoor or outdoor applications to cut the maintenance and operation costs.

Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM)
Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) by w3.siemens.com

The Benefits of Set CEM CERT

Continuous Emission Monitoring system is simple and fast monitoring device to configure system that directly imply to the very low costs of procurement and operation. The complete modular package consists of the compound of certified use of components system from various manufacturers. Then the tested measuring can be obtained for various ranges to ensure use in the diverse areas of applications of CEMS.

The modular designed support for up to 2 analyzers with can be configured diverse measuring ranges. Modular design also offers the selections of versions for outdoor or indoor installation, options of NOx converter from leading manufacturers. With the system, operators can also configure the electric heaters and air conditioners to extend the ambient temperature range. In last, there are available selection of versions with suitable sampling probes and heated sample gas line.

Basic Configuration and SET CEMS CERT Application

The main application area of Set CEM 1 is based on the relevant regulation. In Germany, these requirements are specified in the Federal Immission Control Act and, in particular, in the 13th BImSchV (Table 4). Set CEM 1 used for measurements, such as the optimization of burners or the monitoring of plants.

This device can be applied in flue gases that is one of the routine tasks of continuous gas analysis. Routine, however, in the measurement technology as shown by the "Analytical Application Sets" and the Set CEM 1 (Continuous Emission Monitoring) that is part of this series.

Usually we used Set CEM 1 that to make and mount frame and installed on the inside of the back panel. This device applied on several connectors. To support this function, this device can get power  supply (115, 230 or 400 V), a LOGO unit as an appliance for sample preparation analyzer. It consists of components required for a specific application.


Set CEM CERT is designed to meet the high standard requirement even in the country with the tight certification standard of Europe. The modular design gives chance for the various applications of industries and it is designed to cut the maintenance and operation costs. The modular design also allows for the selection in the use of indoor or outdoor applications.


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