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SIMATIC TDC, The High Performance Multiprocessor Control System to solves control and technology tasks with shortest cycle time and maximum quantity frameworks on one single platform

There are so many industrial device which is needed by the industries to belong as integrational operating part with the whole automation solution system and technology. One of the integrational device, which consist of many parts which belonging in single rack was the multiprocessor control system. This device has importent function to solves control and technology tasks, also the complex drive function, with shortest cycle time and maximum quantity frameworks on one single platform.

The term of the Multiprocessor Control System was kind of device which can do the multiprocessing tasks, it wassingle computer system which is use two or more central processing units (CPUs). By that function, the multiprocessor was arranged with several computer parts in single structure. Lots of manufacture which produce, build and offered Multiprocessor Control System to the world of industries, one of greatest name is SIEMENS. This product completed with SIMATIC TDC High Performance Multiprocessor Control System.

Multiprocessor Control System
Multiprocessor Control System by

SIMATIC TDC Multiprocessor Control System consist of several components which working together in single processor subrack which running together. It was means that the SIEMENS SIMATIC TDC has been stand with several parts such as; CPU555 Processer Module, CP50M1 and CP51M1Communications modules, SM500Peripheral module, CP53M0Coupling module, CP52x0GlobalDataMemory (GDM)Rack coupling-modules, and UR6021Subrack.

Every parts and components of the SIMATIC TDC, has been design, developed and create to solves even complex drive, control and technology tasks. Here are in this article we would go further more with each of the component based of features and users beneficial act.

Scalability And Flexibility Bring In Single Control System Unit

By its capabiities, SIMATIC TDC has been created and developed as a single unit multiprocessor modul, which is particulary used in large industrial plants that specifically operated in field of energy and or a drive technology which mainly operated in; High Voltage Direct Current Transmission Systems (HVDC), Reactive Power Compensation solutions, e.g. Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS). And here are the information for the each of SIMATIC TDC parts;

  1. Subrack UR602
  2. It was the main or base component of SIMATIC TDC, which have specific feature such as; 19” system for wall and cabinet mounting, 21 slots ready, 64 bit backplane (VMEbus), extended supply voltage range (AC/DC) 8 slots with fast point-to-point communication between CPU555 modules P0 interface , replaceable fan tray, and configurable operating hours counter for simplified maintenance planning.

  3. CP52x0GlobalDataMemory (GDM) Rack coupling-modules
  4. With main capabilities to synchronized multi computing and coupling, CP52x0 GlobalDataMemory (GDM) Rack coupling-modules offered such of feature; shared memory/central plant data storage,synchronization of cycle/clock time, alarms, refresh rates < 1ms (630 MBaud, 200 m).

  5. CP53M0 Coupling module
  6. This coupling modulebeen created to easy migration/expansion of SIMADYN D plant, the main feature of this component was to synchronized cycle/clock times and alarms.

  7. SM500Peripheral module
  8. It was had the main possibilities of periphery connection with: 8 analog inputs and outputs, 4 integrating analog inputs, 16 digital inputs and outputs, 4 incremental encoder inputs, and 4 absolute encoders (SSI/EnDat).

  9. CP50M1 and CP51M1 Communications Modules
  10. This component had Powerful communication capabilities, which can processed such of process control, Commissioning, also Operator control and monitoring tasks. It was supportMPI, PROFIBUS DP, Fast Ethernet with TCP/IP and/or UDP protocol.

  11. CPU555Processer Module
  12. The main process of this component was to  control demanding tasks which is recognize based on basic sampling time from 100 ┬Ás, 64 Bit-Architecture, 3 PROFINET IRT interfaces , and backplane bus for a fast Point to Point communication between CPU555 modules with P0 interface.


SIMATIC TDC Multiprocessor Control System is kind of device which had the main capabilities to solves control and technology tasks, also the complex drive function, with shortest cycle time and maximum quantity frameworks on one single platform.


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