Thursday, July 7, 2016

Take An Efective Business Process with NLINK OPC to SAP Solution to do planning and business process for Better SAP Data Proceed Output

SAP or System Application and Product in data processing was literally know as the software Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), was widely known as an IT tools to do planning and business process.

Today the business development impact become so much more dramatics world widely, than couple years ago, there are so many developer and manufacturer which have been take a part with the competition and challenges in term of SAP Solution development.

NLINK as one of the Operating Process Chart (OPC) developer as the part of better SAP software for industrial intention has been offered better OPC to SAP Solution which can serve the industries with better output data. Here in this article we would go further more with NLINK OPC to SAP Solution included vary of wide applications type that involve SAP PLC integration, SAP SCADA integration, SAP DCS integration and more which has been developed by NLINK.

NLINK OPC to SAP Solution
NLINK OPC to SAP Solution by

ManyApplications For Better SAP Data Proceed Output

The specifics benefits for the users to use the NLINK OPC to SAP Solution application, just because there are specific SAP application for specific intention, such as; SAP PM Module for Examples include Preventive and Predictive Maintenance data output provides, SAP QM Module for Inspection Readings in Assembly and Testing, and SAP IM Module for Module and Inventory Reconciliation. Here are in this chapter we would go further more with each of NLINK OPC to SAP Solution acknoledgement.

  2. As the function for this NLINK OPC to SAP Solution application there are many of sample applications such as; triggering purchase requisitions based on actual tank levels, planned , and actual consumption in SAP. By that function, the OPC server has been connected directly to the tank level measurement devices.

  4. These NLINK OPC to SAP Solution application has been designed to be operated in the manufacturing where torque readings need to be tested or in involved with industrial process, which is tracked and quality control data needed. It was show the main function of this SAP, that need the OPC server conected via a PLC to shown the typically data output.

  6. It was two function which is specifically purposess to bring a better data application output. Laterally NLINK SAP PM MODULE can be shown such of sample applications; gas and flue temperatures measurement reports also the fuel consumptions  on industrial boilers reporting, hours of engine and electrical generators reporting, run time data on redundant pumps in a water pumping system reporting as the NLINK SAP PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE WITH OPC function, and motors to determine winding insulation integrity on Electrical Resistance Readings (Ohm Readings).


SAP Solution is kind of SAP which has been developed with Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) platform. This device has been had vary of SAP module that fit with Industrial needed in OPC to SAP Solution for better SAP Data Proceed Output.


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