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SIEMENS FM 458-1 DP Application Module Communication Results and the advantages to solve a wide range of processing tasks even with extremely high throughput rates

The automation solution developing progress was touching the amazing scale. There are many of product in term of automation technology which has been produced and offered to the industrial public as the parts of automation solution chain mechanism.

One of them is the Application Module. It was a kind of device which need to solve a wide range of processing tasks even with extremely high throughput rates. There are so many of console developers and automation solution provider which offered their product to the public in mass scale. One of manufacture named which has been recognized Internationally, are SIEMENS with FM 458-1 DP Application Module.

SIMATIC S7-400 with FM 458 Application Modules
SIMATIC S7-400 with FM 458 Application Modules by

In this article we would go further more with the item specification, product information and benefits that can comes during this module device installation.

FM 458-1 DP Application Module, economic viability and flexibility for sophisticated PLC implementing result

SIEMENSFM 458-1 DP enhanced module application and can bring better PLC,s implementing results for the industrial automation technology. It can be done with only combining and integrating the device with SIMATIC S7-400 racks. By that device integration, there would be more Advantages and Communication aspect development result which can achieve a better results in industrial PLC,s operating systems, and here are the advantages and communication results:

  1. Communication Results
  2. In term of communication results there would be several benefits which can grant by users instalation such as; Routing capability, all nodes accessed over one interface, included PROFIBUS DP, MPI (Multi-Point Interface) also the Industrial Ethernet, configured slaves exchange data, other directly with every single of each function without any additional configuring work needed or slave-to-slave communication, PROFIBUS DP cycle in Constant bus cycle time, I/O and user program synchronized with the PROFIBUS cycle or Isochronous, the CPU.

  3. Advantages
  4. There are several advantages that would come in which of this device using instalation such as closed and open loop control and arithmetic operations in term of SIMATIC S7-400 racks integration, STEP 7/CFC and SFC software tools has been identic with SIMATIC S7 tools, more from 100 ┬Ás sampling times for processing solutions and dynamic motion control, constant-time bus cycle with clock signal or Isochronous PROFIBUS DP, CPUs/I/O clock synchronism.

    Also the user programssynchronized has been common PROFIBUS clock, teleservice, routing and possible via single interface, EXM 438-1I/O expansion which can provides extremely fast synchronizable with inputs and outputs in digital and analog function, also also the value encoder measurement, for thespeed and absolute function.

    And more EXM 448/EXM 448-1 communication expansions has been ready to provide fast connection drivers including; PROFIBUS DP, as master or slave, and also powerful, clock-synchronized through fiber-optic cable installed in EXM 448-1 as well as SIMOLINK.


As an application module SIEMENS FM 458-1 DP is automation solution and technology supporting device. SIEMENSFM 458-1 DP has come and offered to the industries and public as an advance or high-end model products. It was extremelly shown the SIEMENS willingness to provides the industrial world with better solution to gain and achieve highest standard in automation technology solution device.


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