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Use MicroController XC Units – PLC System with Self-tuning Regulators to make system controlled and supervised by a local safe operative

MicroController XC units introduce the PLC system with self-tuning regulators for wide range of applications. Functional power of a large system is the main feature of the system. The compact design and size make it standout for general automation purpose. There are three PLC units available under the system namely the MicroController XC01 for the general automation, MicroController XC02 for special applications and MicroController XC03 is the PLC for steel applications. Each unit comes with all software and hardware for a control task, including the adaptive regulator – First Control’s awarded feature.

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The Main Benefit of the MicroController XC Units

Each unit has already equipped with the advanced control functions, local safe operative, local function library and automatic object sequencer. A large library of intelligent control functions is part of the system advanced control functions. It let users to conduct an efficient control design. The First Control’s awarded adaptive regulator as well as PID regulators or high order signal filters are the example of additional feature can be added to the standard automation components.

The local safe operative allows users to experience other method than most PLC systems can give. The MicroController XC is supervised and controlled by a local safe operative. It means, the units are can be operated and safely programmed via a distant connection. This method allowing for the new or edited application program can be loaded within 1 msec within one program cycle.

The local function library dedicated to be the completely object oriented with function blocks saved within the unit. Further, the graphical documentation is automatically generated by the FirstDoc programming tool. To avoid the hard-found errors due to the undefined data, then the unit also equipped with automatic object sequencer. It means the internal object sequencer gives command to the control objects in a correct execution order.

The Main Features of MicroController XC

  1. Control Hardware
  2. This controller works based on WEB, Ethernet, CAN. It was equipped with Multiprocessor architecture, 16 or 12 bit  analog inputs/outputs . For many application, this system supprted by 200kHz frequency, 4.8MHz pulse counting, 24VDC Digital inputs/outputs and Modbus RTU, RS232,485,GSM,Siox.

  3. System Software
  4. This system has multitasking with 10 priority levels, internal signal databases and engineering signal types. For many condition, there are several clocking types (time, pulse, software) inside safe operative and Automatic object sequencer.

  5. Control Software
  6. To achieve better performance result, it has online programming method with self-tuning adaptive regulators and support Classical regulators. Inside extensive library function make easy data monitoring and easy block configuration.

  7. Operator Software
  8. Microcontroller XC relied on OPC server/client with FirstOp operator stations. Because of that, FirstOp terminals integrated with Inside extensive function library  to make Automatic documentation.


The units of the MicroController XC are various PLC system including general automation, special applications and steel application. However, all units are applicable for various need of automation. The MicroController XC01 unit was originally fitted for standard applications in the energy environment, but it can also be used in any general automation. As well as the MC XC02 XC02 was originally designed for a specific embedded application where more computing power was required, however it can still be used in any automation. One of the MicroController XC units superiority, are controlled and supervised by a local safe operative.


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