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Yokogawa UT75A, An Advance Temperature Controllers, which can work integrated with any PLC’s device with high and versatile in temperature sensing technologies

By the time, the industries developed greater and reach highest level since decades. It was something better meanwhile at the same time the industries need greater support by others idea in the aspect of industrial technology and also mechanical engineering.

There are lots of the technologies product which is need by the industries, one of it was the Temperature Controllers automation solution, with several device and hardware which can used as the part of big industrial chain processes. Talking and thinking more inside the industrial chain process specifically within the industrial automation solution. Automation Solution was the systems which created and design to helped the industries presenting better, faster and reliable industrial product with the focusing in the presenting of the Programmable Logic Controllers or the PLC's device.

The PLC was kind of the HMI or Human Machine Interface which can easily to control the whole of the big industrial chain process from single LED touch screen. The PLC’s itself was create as the usefull device to help to simplify the industrial chain processes.

Temperature Controllers
Temperature Controllers by

The PLC's or Programmable Logic Controller was able to connected to any peripheral and device such as the temperature controllers. And at the time in case of the integration the temperature controllers and connected to the PLC, it can create single automation chain mechanism which can preserver the great industrial mechanism process in the aspect of automatic I/O temperature processes.

Take a Look UT75A Advance Temperature Controllers with Many Great Features

At the time, there are so many temperature controllers which can used integrated with an PLC’s device. One of the temperature controller device which produced and design with many great features is Yokogawa UT75A Temperature Controllers. Here in this article we would go further more with several the product specification and beneficial aspect in case to use the Yokogawa UT75A Temperature Controllers.

Yokogawa UT75A Temperature Controllers was developed and created to work integrated with the PLC’s and becoming device element to completed the PLC’s working processes. By that reason, this great temperature controllers was created and designed with several great features such as; supports open networks (cc-link, profibus-dp, devicenet), offers 20 sets of target setpoints, comes with a 2-loop control function, ladder sequence capacity up to 1,000 steps, and includes custom ladder function.

In the aspect of device specification, this temperature controllers can pharaphrase within lots of features such as; TC, RTD, mV, V, mA input, 1(Std) with 2(Max) number of control loops, 50, 100, 200 mseccontrol scan period, and also 20(Max)number of program segment.

UT75A Advance Temperature Controllers Benefits

With single number of PV, SP, OUT retransmision feature, this temperature controller device also can support communication device such as RS-485, Ethernet, PROFIBUS-DP, CC-Link, and so with DeviceNet.

By that features, Yokogawa UT75A Temperature Controllers can bring great beneficial for the users intention such as; downtime reducing aspect and possibility to communication with a PLC without using any program as well as reduced external calculators and sequence control circuits functionality.


Yokogawa UT75A Temperature Controllers is kind of temperature controller device which can used as the Industrial intention in the aspect of engine or any industrial mechanism which can work integrated with any PLC’s device with high and versatile in temperature sensing technologies.


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