Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Most Widely Used Intelligent Positioner – Siemens SIPART PS2 for flexibility of stroke range, advanced communication features and intelligent diagnostics system

If you need the most widely used intelligent positioner, just steal at glance into the SIPART PS2 valve positioner. This is of course not without reason. The great all-round design make it standout in the case of flexibility of stroke range, advanced communication features and intelligent diagnostics system that has been proven in various industrial plant. The common issues is that many control valves are in very hazardous or unsafe locations, for these application, the Siemens’ Digital Valve Positioner take the role with its external position detection system, which making it perfect for standard or custom applications.

The all-inclusive solution offers the intelligent positioner for both linear and rotary actuators. So you need one device only for both types of actuators. This is the side of the versatility that impact directly to the lower labor costs and reduced inventory. Yet the simple push button operation allows for rapid control valve calibration.

Intelligent Positioner
Intelligent Positioner
by www.industry.usa.siemens.com

In enhancing the value, SIPART PS2 comes with numerous features including valve assemble resources and many more with standard mounting solutions up to 200+ mounting solutions, it gives chance for various applications in the variety of manufacturer’s actuators. Accessories on-demand is also provided in addition to the factory assembled or field addable accessories. They are including external feedback, alarm card, limit switches, gauges, integral volume booster and non-contacting sensor. It means the adaptability will reduce overall of your inventory needs.

Use Only  SIPART PS2 Intelligent Positioner for flexibility of stroke range, advanced communication features and intelligent diagnostics system

To stay competitive in the vastly moved competition, then with SIPART PS2 your valve can ensure your process quality. The PS2 comes standard with diagnostic data about itself, valve, actuator and its environment. The demanded data can be delivered easily to the customer via PS2 screen through PROFIBUS PA, Foundation Fieldbus or HART communication. The standard diagnostics functions are including the dead band variations and leakage test via Partial Stroke Test. This system will reduce and eliminate the unnecessary valve maintenance and failures.

PS2 is awarded with its minimum air loss capability. Collated to the conventional positioners, PS2 is outstanding in enhancing its system, as the air loss need not cheap budget.

PS2 can handle even for your most difficult applications in the roughest environments like extreme temperature, process vibration, excessive pipeline, magnetic fields and inaccessible areas. The non-contacting sensor play important role in such mentioned environments, which remotely mounted to provide repeatable and accurate control. The auto calibration function allows for high quality process control in non-ideal conditions. The feature will adapt and compensate for plant air variations.


Finally, the SIPART PS2 intelligent positioner is must to be available for those crave great positioner either in rotary or linear actuators. Its all-round design makes it possible to be applied in the wide range of difficult locations within extreme environments, flexibility of stroke range, advanced communication features and intelligent diagnostics system. The availability of numerous mounting ways, make it fit to the array of industrial applications. The NCS technology can be remotely mounted in providing accurate information. PS2 can handle all size of control valves starting from micro control valves to the large control valves.


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