Tuesday, August 2, 2016

5 Features of Our SCADA System

Having the computer nowadays is the primarily needed. Because computer is the one of the best tool that will the activities easier. With computer we and manage data, searching data, collecting data, counting, drawing, watching. Recording, communicating, and many more. But, we should know well about the important component of the computer itself. The one thing we should know is about the features of SCADA system.

When we had already had the computer, we need system. And the system itself will create a network. The network is as the soul of the computer that will connect some application to be used. Without networking system, our computer will be static.

SCADA system
SCADA is the one of the important system of the computer that will make our computer great in function. The main task of SCADA is as the networking system of the computer for controlling thee application working.

There are some features of SCADA system that are cooperated t support the function of SCADA. These features is as the proof that the SCADA is really the important networking system of a computer.

Features of SCADA system

The features of SCADA system
Features of SCADA system support the best function of SCADA for the computer system. There are 5 main features of SCADA system. They are:
  1. Monitoring the network data through analog inputs. It will make the data inside is more accurate. Besides, it is as the better resolution of the SCADA system. Before, SCADA system show the on or off analog input, but now SCADA can make the data greater.

  2. As the controlling system. It controls the SBO points to control the device system. So the system can be more sophisticated.

  3. The graphical interface of web system. It will make the network system easier to be used. By showing the tables that contain some word list to make the intuitive interface.

  4. There is the alarm as the features of SCADA system. It contains of meaningful description of the alarm. It is as the meaningful information such like notification. There will be "Relay 267 Out" and "Site 112 Generator failure" inside.

  5. The durability of industrial-grade. It will protect the uptime down of the system. Besides, it will also give the best solution for some SCADA problem.

Those five features of SCADA system will give the best use of SCADA system. It support the SCADA function. Then we can find the best SCADA network with its great quality by having the best review of SCADA. We should know well about SCADA system before we get it.

The features of SCADA system will make the function of SCADA as the monitor and also accessory better. These features will also strengthen the best quality of SCADA in supporting the computer system.


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