Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Difference between Industrial Automation and Process Control

In the industrial technology, we had known about the sophisticated technology produced. There are many sophisticated technology then make it best of the best use. So the user will be satisfied about their equipment. But in the back side of the sophisticated equipment we used, there is the difference between industrial automation and process control.

We had already heard about the industrial automation, but we should know that besides the industrial automation, there is process control. So, we should know both depth.

Difference between industrial automation and process control
The difference between industrial automation and process control is begun with our knowledge about industrial automation. It is very familiar because we had known it as the main role of a current equipment we use, especially for a computer.

Industrial Automation
Industrial automation is also called as the controlling system of an industrial machine, it can be used for supporting the machine of the computer and also the robotic machine. The industrial automation cover the component of control system. It is also cover all the machinery and also the software system of the machine. So the all mechanism of the machine controlled well.

Besides, there are many advantages of using the industrial automation in the technological world. They are high in the productivity, create the high quality of the product, the high flexibility, giving the accurate information, and also giving the best safety for the users.

industrial automation and process control

Process Control
Process control is also like the industrial automation. But it is closer with the engineer system and also the algorhytms system of the machine. It is related also with the chemical reactor of the product we used.

The difference between industrial automation and process control is that the process control also enables for the automation in the small range. While the industrial automation can be sued for the large range.

There are three types of the process controls, they are discrete, batch, and continuous. Those all have the best correlation to each other for supporting the use of the equipment.

Actually the difference between industrial automation and process control is about the range of the use. Both are very important component for the technological world. The industrial automation can be used for the large range of the technological industry. While for the process control is related with the small range.


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