Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Difference System Between Automatic and Robotics

For this time a lot of people interpret that the same automated system with robot. Whereas between in this systems have difference, have difference between automatic and robotics. Automatic can be defined as a technology that is based on the application of mechanical systems, electronics and computers.

automatic and robotics

Robotic is the main component in automated technology that can serve as the withdrawal of labor/human workers in the factory but has the ability to work continuous tirelessly. Industrial robots can be created to replace the positions of workers in production. So it is difference between automatic and robotics. Let to see the difference between automatic and robotic:

Have difference between automatic and robotics, the automatic System in four categories:
  1. Automatic fixed, made only for the purpose of production of services can't be used for other products. Suitable for mass production at a high speed. Investments issued the first time are usually high, but the operational costs are relatively low.

  2. Automatic semi-permanent, machine made to produce or handle one type of product or task, but in some parameters can be arranged on a limited basis.

  3. Automatic flexible, machine tools created can be used for a variety of products, an automated system is more comprehensive, parts of the product can be produced at the same time in automated systems

From these ways we will see that difference between automatic and robotics. Industrial robots are robotic hand that has two arms, and wrist. The difference between automatic and robotics, robotics In the light of the movement consists of three main movements, the robot body that can rotate left and right, and circle motion according spreader tool properties.
Devices supporting industrial robots generally have four main component parts:
  1. Manipulator, mechanical parts that can be used for moving, lifting and manipulating the work piece.

  2. Sensor, Component-based instrumentation that serves as a conduit of information about the circumstances or the position of the parts manipulator.

  3. Actuator, propulsion components which when viewed from the principle of producing the motion can be divided into 3 parts, namely drive-based electric motor Hydraulic drive

  4. The controller, microprocessor-based electronic circuit that functions as a regulator of all components in the form function work
  5. .

From the above explanation we can see that the difference between automatic and robotics have in the system. Owned system between automatic and robotic is different. So, it depend on you to choose between automatic and robotics.


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