Monday, August 8, 2016

Review the SCADA system for water distribution

SCADA system works for the control and monitoring of the technological parameters in the water distribution stations. SCADA system for water distribution allows the optimum functioning of the pumping system and installations to obtaining efficient of energy usage and also optimum administration of the drinkable water.

SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition have been widely used for various industrial fields by relying on simple indicators. The SCADA system is a system that can perform monitoring, control and data acquisition on a plate. SCADA using the computer to display the status of sensors in a plant and then displayed in graphs, saved to a database and displayed to the website.

SCADA generally consists of several components including:
  1. Sensors and Actuators (Field Devices) is useful to monitor and control the plant as the user desires.
  2. Remote Terminal Unit / PLC, acts as the brain responsible for controlling plant (Field Devices)
  3. Communications systems are useful for connecting Field Devices, PLC and Master Terminal Unit.
  4. Master Terminal Unit is a SCADA software that has certain features in control of all networ
  5. k

SCADA types differentiated by scale, namely:
  1. Basic SCADA comprised only 1 PLC and 1 MTU example Car Manufacturing Robot and Room Temperature Control.
  2. Integrated SCADA system consisting of several PLC examples Subway system, Security system and Water System.
  3. Networked SCADA consist of several interconnected SCADA system examples Power and Communication System

On this occasion we will discuss about the SCADA system for water distribution. Before you can develop a SCADA system for water distribution, the system is done manually. However this is not effective, because it causes the flow of water received from one zone to the next zone is uneven, and often leak. To resolve the issue, then applied a SCADA technology is able to automatically control the distribution of water

SCADA system for water distribution

Technology of SCADA System for water distribution focused on controlling of round pump to control the discharge of the pump, and detecting leaks in distribution pipes. SCADA System for water distribution using ITOUCH 7.1 of Wonderware software that allows you to connect the computer with the PLC. The use of SCADA can effectively control the pump and valve in the water distribution system.

So in conclusion, benefits of the use of SCADA system for water distribution that is able to get a more uniform flow of water, the water discharge obtained can be larger, able to reduce leakage until 20% and also improve service taps to the public.


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